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The Future of Local SEO with Digital Assistants and Conversational Search

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Digital Assistants and Conversational search are paving the way for the future of technology.  Most of us are used to traditional search, where we grunt two words at a time in a choppy manner. However, conversational search gives us the expectation that digital assistants will carry a conversation with us, talking as we do.  With this change, however, there will be inevitable impacts on search queries.


For example, when you utilize a digital assistant to ask a question, you are going to get an audible response.  A screen may or may not be used, as it will be optional to the user.  You can receive answers without having to look at a website.  Because of this, as an SEO, your opportunities of luring people back to your site are far fewer.  Once a question is asked, the answer is derived from a single source.  Any follow up questions will start over as a new search, and will be derived from whatever source the search engine deems appropriate.

When it comes to local search, however, digital assistants will not disrupt it much.  When people ask for a local restaurant they will likely end up going there, without any follow up questions needed.  If they do have follow up questions, it will likely be about that particular restaurant and the answers will be derived from the same source.  There is a catch, however, because in order to have the digital assistant pull information from your site, you must rank high enough.

Here are a few tips on how you can up the chances of digital sources selecting your site as a source for conversational queries:

  1. Optimize Location Data. Make sure your data is updated and consistent across the entire web.
  2. Speak the Language of Digital Assistants. Use vocabulary, or structured data markup in order for the digital assistants to be able to best understand and gather your website content.
  3. Google My Business. Make sure all relevant categories for your Google My Business profile are fully filled out.
  4. Cultivate Reviews. Just like users rely on reviews when making decisions, so do search engines. Make sure you are monitoring all reviews that come in for your site and addressing any negative ones or complaints immediately. Help increase your positive reviews by asking satisfied customers to provide them.
  5. Write in Conversational Tone. Write in a way that is geared first toward humans, not search engines. Make sure it sounds natural by reading it aloud first.

How to Build a Successful SEO ecommerce Site in only 12 Months

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Ecommerce is the fastest growing industry as well as one of the most valuable.  After all, being able to shop online is incredibly easy and helpful.  You can seamlessly checkout and have exactly what you need delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days.

Some people may think that this process isn’t that difficult, however, there are many tips and tricks that need to be followed in order to build a successful SEO ecommerce website.

  1. Buy a Domain Name. This is pretty apparent, however it is something you must have in order to build a website.  This name needs to identify your brand, and can be done so very affordably (under $10 on GoDaddy).
  2. Locate a Web Developer. If you aren’t one yourself, this is an essential component prior to launching your site.  Make sure you do your research, and hire someone who has a strong graphic design background.  Get references from others of you don’t know where to begin.
  3. Acquire All Necessary Paperwork for a Legitimate Business. Save yourself future headaches by hiring an attorney to assist in creating your business.  Make sure you register it, look into legal business issues, and acquire a vendor’s lisence.
  4. Choose Your ecommerce and Website Hosting Platform. Select a popular company that most developers are used to working with, such as Shopify, WooCommerce or BigCommerce.  These platforms make payment processing and integrating plugins an easy task.
  5. Take Your Site Live. Before all of your products are listed even, your website should go public.  As long as you have an ‘About Us’ section, a homepage, and a contact page you are golden.  This will make you legitimate when trying to negotiate deals with vendors, reporters, and bloggers.
  6. Use PitchBox. PitchBox is a great way to generate high quality relationships.  At only $95 for a startup, it will do the outreach work for you: prospecting, emailing, tracking, and managing workflow.
  7. Payment Gateway. In order to process payments, you need a way to accept credit card payments on your site.  For all credit cards, recurring billing and mobile payments you can use gateways such as or  You must know in advance that you will have to be approved for payment gateway and credit card processor, and this isn’t an easy process. Before getting approved you will have to have a secure checkout system in place, a Privacy and Return Policy, shipping and delivery methods, and a customer service phone number and email address that actually works.
  8. Packaging and Storage Options. Before being able to launch your business, you have to have inventory storage and shipment policies in place.  Will you use UPS, FedEx, USPS, or a combination of the three? What will you ship your products in? What sizes will you need? Will promotional materials be included?

Ways You May Be Undermining your SEO Efforts

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It is no secret that effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts are necessary in order to help a business thrive.  This is the most ideal way to get your business in front of the right people, and eventually turn those people into customers.  It is said that visitors from search are the closets to the purchase cycle than visitors from any other source.  With 6 billion searches per day, it can be a wonder that anything could ever go wrong with SEO.


How is it then, that some people’s SEO thrives while others seem to do no good for their overall success?  If you find yourself relating to the latter, you may be undermining your own SEO marketing efforts without even knowing it.  These tips will help you recognize things to watch out for in order to have the best possible functioning SEO marketing.

  1. If You Don’t Measure Tangible Metrics. There is a reason that people measure their results. If you are not gleaning insight from data you are collecting, you will have no way of knowing what areas to make necessary changes.  You want to know how your efforts are performing in contrast with your expectations, and the only way to do this is by measuring the right metrics.  Tangible metrics include Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), visitors area of concentration, and traffic performance.  By understanding these results, you will know what steps need to be taken in order to generate more leads and eventually close them.
  2. If Your Content Disappoints Your Visitors. Although creating great content is absolutely essential, it is not enough for great SEO. Do not give into the urge to create content only to fill a blank space, rather take time to give your users something life enriching.
  3. If You’re Practicing Stale SEO Tactics. What constitutes as a stale SEO tactic? Prioritizing keyword score. Keyword scores and backlink counts are no longer the gas that makes SEO go.  You want to have content that actually rewards someone for his or her time. The only content that will get ranked is the authentic stuff, so skip out on trying to cut corners.
  4. If You’re Audience Isn’t Number One. This should be your primary focus, and can actually keep you from a lot of SEO traps by emphasizing this strategy.  30% of your efforts should be to truly understand your audience: conduct the necessary research to understand the demographics of your audience and cater to them specifically.

Get More Results with Social Media Nurturing

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Almost every brand recognizes the importance of social media marketing.  Where people have gone wrong, however, is when it comes to social media automation.  This is when people take large volumes of tweets and updates and post them with automation tools.  This form of social media marketing requires little effort and is not effective in the slightest.  With every single business doing that, people are completely inundated.


People are not going to feel connected to your brand if they feel like your message does not come from a real live human being.  Mass amounts of automatic marketing tends to not feel very relational.  In order to engage your audience, you must have a relational feel behind the message.  Instead, brands need to balance their automation tools with spending actual time analyzing their tactics. For example, one size will not fit all; you will have to tailor your message specifically to your different audiences.  Another thing to avoid is not actually reading the articles you are posting.  People get into trouble here, as they may not be aware of some of the content.  Lastly, auto direct messages should never be a part of your social media strategy.

In order to effectively nurture your social media marketing, you have to change it to relationship marketing.  The CEO of Digital Marketing Stream, Audrey DeSisto says:

“Engagement and nurturing go hand in hand. One of the most important factors in being nurturing on Twitter is how well you engage with your followers. Thank everyone who followed you, introduce yourself and let your followers know that you are interested in learning more about who they are and what they do. Respond to all of your messages that are not on auto-pilot.”

When it comes to nurturing your social media marketing, there are two things to focus on.  The first one is to elicit interaction in your posted conversations. Waiting on people to comment and like is not the way to approach it, you must actively bring people into your conversations to be active rather than passive.  The second thing to focus on is to pick one quality post and nurture that post for an entire week. The message communicated here will be far more effective than if you were to post 10 things that week.  Audrey DeSisto also added:

“Nurturing begins when you meet socially, just as if you are meeting someone personally. When you have made a connection, and the connection has been supportive, thank them with a tweet. Check your notifications often for connections asking for a Retweet, it is very easy to miss important messages from fans.”

Is Facebook Becoming the Next Review Platform?

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Facebook has recently added a new feature (because what platform isn’t constantly adding new features) that allows you to post reviews at places you have checked in. It looks a little something like this:


What happens is, once you have ‘checked in’ to a location on Facebook, you will receive a notification from Facebook 24 hours later asking you to review and share the place you visited.

Why do people check in anyways?

People typically do this because they want others around them to know what they are up to.  After all, you seem a lot cooler to your friends if you are front row at a Coldplay concert rather than on your couch watching another Netflix series. People check-in to show off their latest meal and let people know what restaurant they should eat at next.  They even check-in to places like hospitals in order to let others know they have a sick relative or friend.  This can alert people to send support. All in all, people like to share what they are up to with others, and checkin in on Facebook is a great way to accomplish this.


The problem with Yelp.

There are few people, awarded elite status by Yelp, that use the site often to seek and leave helpful information.  Most people only use Yelp to seek information, not to actually leave it unless it is a negative review. Because of this, they have an average rating of 3 stars for most businesses.  This leaves the scale to be grossly inaccurate, as people are receiving far more negative feed back than positive.

e4fcdb706f26100581e210145edef087Facebook can fill that void.

Nearly everyone utilizes the Facebook platform.  People use it to post exciting information about their lives, let friends and family know what’s new, seek out information about their friends and family, get useful information on things to do and places to go, advertise their businesses, and so forth.  When you receive a notification that goes directly into your feed, even if you are super busy, you can easily leave a quick review for others to see.  Facebook can fill the void Yelp has left of finding only negative reviews with the ability to reach so many more people than Yelp can.  In order to leave a review, you do not even have to write anything.  All you have to do is click the number of stars and move on with your day.  This incentivizes many people to use it.

Tips on How To Up Your Fishers SEO Ranking on Google

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If you want to totally blow your Fishers SEO rankings out of the water, you need to make sure everything is perfect for your next website article.  How does one accomplish this, you ask?  Well, by thoroughly going through a checklist and making sure every single thing has been completed.

1407799223-1-advanced-webmaster-tools-should-using-better-seoFollow the checklist below before you publish your next piece of content and watch your SEO rankings soar.

  1. Focus on a Good Keyword. The focus here is to simply select which word or phrase you want your particular post to show up for.  The best way to do this is to find out what people are actually searching for on that associated topic.  Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that can be used to find out an estimate of how many times people are searching for that particular word or phrase.  For your Fishers SEO, for example, perhaps you want to publish an article about the best local restaurants. Run a search for various keywords and phrases such as “best fishers restaurants” or “top restaurants in fishers” and see which one has the highest search rate.
  2. Research your Competition and Write the Best Content. Before you publish anything, make sure you are aware of the competition.  Put your browser in private mode, and see what the top 10 results are that pop up.  These folks are your competitors; what are they doing that is working? What are they doing that isn’t working?  Now you must post even better content than what you find.
  3. Put the Keyword in Your Title, Header, Name & Alt-Tag of Image, URL, and in your Post. Doing all of this shows google exactly what your post is about, leaving nothing up to the imagination.
  4. Insert Internal Links. In order for people to truly care about your stuff, you want to talk about your best content.  This is why you should have various internal links on your articles to link them to other awesome articles on your site.  This might mean you need to go back and edit old content to make sure it is up to date and well written.
  5. External Links. This is the most important step out of all of them, as Google relies most heavily on external links to determine how good an article is. If you think about it, it makes total sense.  Anyone can talk about how great they are; it is when other people start agreeing and bragging on you too that you gain real credibility.  So, follow the above tips and complete it with link-building and you will be sure to have high ranking Fishers SEO.

The Evolution of Link-Building

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Over the past ten years link building has changed dramatically. Although link building always has and probably always will be a vital aspect of SEO, the tactics used ten years ago differ greatly from the tactics utilized today.


Let’s take a look at how link-building has evolved over the past few years:

First, having bad links is no longer helpful to your search engine optimization. In fact, as most digital marketers know it can and will severely hurt your website’s ranking in Google. Having bad links will now get you penalized if noticed by Google. You used to be able to get away with having spammy links, but not anymore! Speaking of penalties, Google penalties have definitely gotten harsher in the past few years. Google’s goal has always been to provide users with the most relevant information as fast as possible. Now, Google has resorted to more severe punishments to violators in an effort to discourage any spammy tactics. If Google catches you trying any sketchy SEO practices, you’ll definitely penalized and removed from the search rankings.

Having good content on your site is also more important now than it has ever been. However, that also means that the quality of content being published has risen as well, making it increasingly difficult for digital marketers to get guest posting opportunities. However, utilizing private blog networks can be a great way to make people more aware of the high quality content you are posting. In the past, one of the best types of high quality content you could post was a press release. Unfortunately, over the years this has changed and good content no longer includes press releases. Ten years ago, having a newsworthy topic was all you needed to gain attention from your press release. Now, because so many SEOs have overused this strategy to attract people to their sites, press releases will basically do nothing for your site’s digital marketing.

As mentioned above, guest posting is an extremely valuable aspect of SEO. Getting your high quality content published on another website is one of the best link-building strategies. Not only does it make more people aware of what your site has to offer but it also helps greatly improve Google rankings. Guest posting opportunities can be some of the most beneficial link building practices you can utilize.

As you can see, link building strategies have changed tremendously over the past ten years. And it is vital for digital marketers to keep up with the ever-changing world of SEO in order to best service their clients.

The Progression of SEO

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Over the years Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed substantially and SEO today looks nothing like it did 10 years ago. This fact has left many to wonder how digital marketing will continue to evolve and what it might look like in the future. But first, let’s take a look at what SEO looks like now and whether or not it will keep trending in the same direction.


Probably one of the biggest changes that’s taken place these past few years is the shift from desktops to mobile phones or tablets. Many people are now opting to use their mobile devices to surf the internet instead of getting on a desktop computer. Obviously, this change has had a huge impact on SEO and the strategies used by digital marketers. With the majority of searches now taking place on mobile devices, webmasters have to be certain that their webpages are not only mobile-friendly but that they load quickly and are easy to navigate. People want their information fast, and if your website takes more than just a few seconds to load you’ll start loosing site traffic. Additionally, if your pages are too complicated or difficult to navigate on a mobile device, users will become frustrated. It is safe to assume that the shift from desktop computers to mobile devices will continue with more and more people utilizing mobile devices to get online. SEOs should keep up with this trend by maintaining mobile friendly sites.

Another big advancement that has transformed the world of SEO is social media. Before the days of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram people mostly communicated online through email and instant messaging, both of which were nearly impossible for SEO’s to use to their advantage. However, thanks to the growing popularity of various social media sites, digital marketers now have many more outlets to utilize. If you are a webmaster and you’re not taking advantage of social media websites it’s time to start doing so right away. We can expect social media websites to continue to gain popularity, making them a great tool to use to get people more aware of the products and services you have to offer.

The last major shift we’ve noticed in SEO tactics involves links and how digital marketers use them on their websites. Gone are the days when the quantity of links was all that mattered; now quality far outweighs quantity. The quality of the sites your website is linked to is far more important than the amount of links you have. In fact, having too many links that appear unnatural can actually be a huge hindrance to your site. Again, we predict this trend will progress as Google continues to crack down on spammy links and sketchy SEO practices.

How to Outrank Your Competitors in Google

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Want to draw website traffic away from your competitors and redirect it towards your site?

LONDON, UK - SEPTEMBER 3, 2010: Google search concept with hand holding magnifying glass against Google home screen (illustrative editorial)

Use the 5 simple steps listed below to boost your rankings:

  1. Take your opponents’ high-quality links.

Utilize a tool like ahrefs to see the companies that are linking to your competitors then contact said companies about linking to your site instead. Explain that your content is of a higher quality and therefore would be more beneficial for them to be linked to. It’s no secret that having high-quality links is crucial for website traffic and search rankings. So, taking those links from your competitors will not only push them down on ranking order but will also help you get ahead.

  1. Pay for your Advertisements.

Reaching a large amount of potential clients organically is becoming increasingly difficult, especially on social media sites such as Facebook. Paying a small fee to get your Advertisements noticed by your target audience is an easy way to boost website traffic and ultimately increase profits.

  1. Boost your Domain Authority

Try utilizing a tool such as the Moz Toolbar to get your Domain Authority score and the scores of your competitors. Having a high Domain Authority score will help increase your website traffic. Using solid digital marketing tools such as private blog networks will help boost your Domain Authority score and make more people aware of your website.

  1. Make Higher Quality Content that Targets Their Keywords.

Use SEMRush to find out what keywords your competitors’ are targeting. Once you know the keywords they use, it’s time to start making better content that contains their target keywords. This will slowly start taking traffic from their site and redirecting it to yours. But remember, high quality content is key, without it this strategy will be ineffective.

  1. Content, Content, Content!

As previously stated in a few of the steps listed above, having solid content is one of the most important aspects of exceptional SEO practices. If you want to get ahead of the competition then you need to start putting up interesting and informative content that will draw users in. And, while have a lot of content is helpful, it is important to focus on the overall quality of the content you are putting up. Having boring or unreliable content will only hurt your site and its rankings.

Your Site has Been Hit with a Google Penalty..Now What?

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First off, don’t freak out. No matter what happened to your website, its not the end of the world and almost every problem you encounter can be fixed with a little hard work. Once you’ve noticed the issue with your site, it’s time to identify the source of the problem. You need to determine if your site has been put under manual action or if it was penalized due to a change in the Google algorithm.


Check under the Search Traffic/Manual Actions section of your Google account to see if your site has been hit with a manual action. If not, then you can assume that the problem occurred as a result of a change in the algorithm. Thankfully, if your site’s issue is algorithmic that means that many people are experiencing the same problems. If that’s the case, my advice would be to first assess how big the setback is by checking your Google analytics then look on websites such as Moz to gather more information regarding the update. After you’ve done your research and are well informed about the update that took place and how it affected your site it is time to do some damage control.


First, you need to make sure your site is still showing up in Google when someone searches for major keywords. If not, then fixing the problem might take longer than you originally thought. Next, you need to re-evaluate your search engine optimization strategies both past and present and make sure you haven’t utilized any questionable digital marketing tactics that may have lead to the penalization.

After you’ve reviewed your SEO strategies it’s time to take a look at your website itself. Google is placing more and more value on the content and overall user experience of your site when ranking pages and having an out of date webpage or spammy content can severely hinder your website’s ranking ability. Make sure your site has a solid structure and is filled with good quality content.

Once you’ve taken the steps above and are completely aware of the problems that have occurred its time to take the steps necessary to eliminate the issues and ensure they don’t happen again. Make sure your SEO agency as well as everyone else that was involved is mindful of the penalization so they can avoid any future setbacks.