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How to Achieve the Best Possible Contextual Marketing Campaign

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Contextual marketing is what advertisers everywhere are aiming for, providing relevant information to consumers based on recent search activity.  Some companies really have this down and are able to move beyond “the right message to the right person at the right time”.  These companies include Nestle, Disney, Marantz, and GE.  So what is it that they are doing right?


How are they successfully getting their contextual marketing campaigns off the ground and achieving the best possible results?

Here are some recommendations:

  1. Assemble the Proper Teams. Typical first-time projects begin with one line of business.  This can be email, social, mobile, or customer-service.  People properly educated in these areas are essential at making these initiatives successful.  The team will be able to bounce ideas off of each other and aggregate to accomplish the best long-term results.
  2. Content Strategy. Content is essential with contextual marketing. Content must include all contextual elements, such as the various situations, conditions, locations, device interfaces, goals, and KPIs.
  3. Real-Time Ability. This is important as consumers will want relevant information when performing searches.  If they are looking for somewhere to get a good latte, and the only results that filter to the top of the search engine are for coffee shops that close at 8pm, but it is 11pm, the consumer will quickly move on.  Many teams employ well-trained analytics and social media teams that can provide this information in real-time to consumers actively searching the web.
  4. Get Permission. It is imperative that contextual communications are not pushed on consumers.  No one likes to feel like they are being manipulated in any circumstance.  Make sure there is an option to opt-out if wanted.  Every brand must keep in mind the four components of permission communications: education, brand accountability, consent and agency, and value (what’s in it for me?).
  5. Internal & External Partners. Both internal and external partnerships are wise to have, as contextual campaigns go far beyond only marketing.  These campaigns touch other areas that can be of great value to stakeholders.
  6. Technology Vendors. Be fully aware when choosing tech vendors what value they will bring as well as their limitations.  Choose accordingly for specific projects.
  7. Continuing Education. The area of contextual marketing is ever changing, and it is essential to be well informed of the latest technologies, tools, data, and best practices available.

Apple and Google: Potential Changes in 2016

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It seems that everyone has some sort of Apple product in their home these days which gives Apple a lot of power in the world of SEO. Any changes made by their company would have a major effect on websites such as Google. There has been a lot of speculation as to what changes they may make in 2016 and below we’ve included some of the more popular theories.


Apple has toyed with the possibility of Ad blocking for some time, as they introduced an ad blocking app for iOS 9 this past year. However, the app was short lived and now it has almost vanished completely.

One theory that has lived on these past few years but has yet come to fruition is the probability of Apple selecting a new default search provider and getting rid of Google. However, even if this were to happen, not much would change for Google long term. There would probably be a temporary drop in Google users once the change took place but soon after people would begin to manually switch their search engine back to Google.


The one change that could take place in 2016 that would have a significant impact on Google and search engine optimization is if Apple decides to create their own search engine or if they choose to improve their Spotlight search device or the suggestions found in the Safari search engine. We believe that latter of the two options is more likely to happen and would have a huge effect on Google due to the large number of Apple users currently utilizing Google on a daily basis.

Right now when Apple users search for anything in Safari, two to three options pop up right underneath. Apple could potentially increase those options, making Google less of a necessity. That being said, even if Apple did try to take over the search engine world, the likelihood of them completely pushing Google out is low. One thing we’ve learned over the years is that Google is very good at what it does and it will take a lot more than some small change made by Apple to keep it from being the top search engine provider.


However, all of this is simply speculation as we won’t know what changes Apple decides to make this year until they release iOS 10. No matter what changes they make it will affect SEO in some way and webmasters should take the appropriate steps to prepare. Staying up-to-date on the latest news and reports regarding search engine optimization and digital marketing will help website owners anticipate the SEO shifts and ensure the change has only a positive effect on their site.