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How to Transition from Paid Search Ads (PPC) to Facebook Ads

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For those familiar and experienced in PPC advertisements, the switch to Facebook Ads seems that it would be quite simple. Hardly.

Going from PPC to Facebooks Ads is like switching languages. Everything is different.

The good news, however, is that this article will give you the complete guide from a professional who has been through it to provide you best possible marketing tips for small business as well, so that you don’t have to suffer.

Common Mistakes with PPC to Facebook Ads Transfer:

Forgetting what you already know.

-PPC and FB Ads have little in common. You must completely try to forget what you know to make the transition easier.

Ditch Old Habits.

-Everything is different, even if you don’t think it is at first, it is.

In PPC, you are paying for ads to users who are searching for you. In Facebook it is the opposite, you are approaching the user.

Results in Facebook Ads are less predictable than in paid search ads. Facebook Ads require much more a/b testing and experimenting before finding the correct formula for your campaign.

You may have Facebook optimize the buy towards conversions, or clicks, or video views. When you take manual bidding into your own hands, the results can be a lot less predictable than what you’re used to in paid search.

For example, switching a FB Ad Campaign from a CPC Cap to an automated CPA optimization, is likely to perform much better. This is due to intent. Facebook knows their users more than most can realize. It is that data and behavior knowledge that Facebook has which will make your CPA optimization stand out with greater results than you had been used to in PPC search ads.


FB users ad set target VS Users most likely to convert.

Paid Search:

Users who searched for a particular query VS Percentage that actually converted.

Conversion Information:

Facebook gives you more information that is much more specific about what led to a conversion, compared to the information given by paid search.


Paid search may have much more control over specific items, but Facebook is less control and more trust in their algorithms, targeting, and so forth. This is one of the common areas that takes the most time to get used to.

With paid search, users tend to know what they are looking for. With Facebook Ads it is more of enticing someone who would potentially be interested in your product or service.

PPC advertisements is a realm that is clearly defined. Convert users looking for your product or service, and do it quickly.

Facebook ads are slower. These users are not searching for you, they just may or may not be interested in your product or service. They are unfamiliar with your brand, and just might not be in the market.

Picture the difference as someone walking into a store to purchase a CD, versus someone on the street handing out flyers to a show and trying to sell the CD’s to people passing by.

Do not, however, quit Facebook ads after one campaign. These advertisements are bigger picture. You most likely will not find overnight success with Facebook campaigns, but if you stick with it, your strategy will change, your tactics will change, and your campaign will begin to see growth.

As much as paid search platforms have grown through the years, Facebook’s ad platform is still in its beginning stages and it’s important to get in and learn now, rather than later.

And remember, you are not alone. Ask for help from professionals such as Ameri Sales, experiment, be cautious and eventually, you’ll get there. One exciting click at a time.