Seeing Into The Future With Social Media Data

You have seen “Back to the Future”, right? Well, if you haven’t you should. It’s pretty much a classic. But, for those of you who have seen it, know we’ve always dreamed of being able to have the hovercrafts, the cool gadgets, and of course, the ability to travel into the future. After all, time travel is probably one of the most sought after and talked about forms of travel, especially on sci-fi networks. While it may seem impossible, or out of our reach, what if we told you that even though you couldn’t travel, you can predict the future by watching social media trends? In this article, we will share with you ideas behind how we think you can see into the future by just opening up and studying social media data.

Let’s talk about food. If you noticed, in the past 5 years the idea of getting healthy and in shape has increased dramatically. Yes, we’ve always seen those ads to lose weight and to shed those extra pounds. But, recently we have seen more of a trend to get it in shape and eat healthier diets. Before, “healthier” meant low-fat diets. Now however, it means a diet consisting of healthy fat and low in carbs. So, how does it have anything to do with predicting the future? Well, this is just an example of how a certain industry will watch trends on social media; so different food manufacturers and restaurant owners will know how to structure their menus. Case in point, gluten-free. Prior to 2010, you rarely saw items that were gluten-free. And if you did, their price tag was an enormous. However, now you can go to almost any grocery store, and they’ll have their own gluten-free aisle. The same goes for a restaurant. Nowadays you can get your own gluten-free menu.

The reason there’s been such an influx, is because those food manufacturers and restaurant owners watched the growing trends of gluten-free, healthier fat options, and low-carb diets on social media. And then they implemented those options in their manufacturing processes and menu items. After all, the whole point of business is to get people in your doors. And the way you get them in your doors s is by offering what they want. And to know what they want, you have to watch the market and the trends. And in social media, it’s so easy for people to share content about different health trends. And by analyzing the data of these trends and seeing what is being clicked on and hit the most, you can actually determine what to expect in your industry in the future.

Another example is travel. Right now one of the most trending locations to visit is Australia.  So, if you are a travel management company. It would do you well to look into why people are trending Australia, and where it is they want to go once they get there. By digging into details about down-under social conversations. You can see that what users are interested in seeing, like for instance, the Great Barrier Reef, wallabies, and the Sydney Opera House. All of this data will be able to help you better predict what people will want, and give you the edge on marketing to these very users.

On the flipside to this, you can actually even predict how users will respond before an item is even released, case in point self-driving cars. While this is a sci-fi dream, there has actually been a lot of trending social media with a more negative response to self-driving cars than there has been a positive response. By analyzing this data, or similar data according to a product in your industry, you can better predict how users will respond to a product before it even comes out. Which can save you tons of money in the long run by releasing a product that only a few people may be interested in.

Social media has become one of the most powerful ways to market to your users. It also has become a way to dramatically increase your SEO. And now, you can even use it to predict the future. So, it would do you well when creating your SEO marketing strategy, to focus on social media trends and analyzing the data. If you do this, you’ll give yourself a competitive edge and know how to market to your users in the best way possible.