Google Confirms: The Link Command Is Officially Dead

By January 24, 2017 Marketing, SEO No Comments

Trying to stay on top of the SEO world can be tough. Especially when Google has a tendency to do things without giving anyone much notice. After all, the search engine giant essentially dictates the rules of the virtual world. And this new confirmation, while not surprising, is one of those “finally” moments. For years now many webmasters have stayed away from using the link command. However, Google would tell them that the link operator wasn’t “dead.” And while the command did tend to be avoided, would still produce results. Making it deceiving to any user, implying that the function still did work.

This has definitely caused issues to arise over the years, where more inexperienced SEOs were unaware of this, and banked on the fact that it could return results. This isn’t the first time Google has taken its time in informing us of what’s going on, or to expect changes in their algorithms. For example, you may be remember the disaster that was Mobilegeddon back in 2015 when Google required a website to have a mobile-friendly index. Or, get penalized and have your website pushed back down the ranks of SEO. And for anyone who has spent time building up their website to compete in the SEO market, or any market for that matter, knows how exasperating that situation was.

However, as of a few days ago, Google’s John Mueller finally released a statement telling SEOs not to continue to use the link command. Now, they still haven’t commented on when they will make sure the command returns nothing or at the very least a message stating that it no longer works. But, at least they have finally conceded to letting us know that the feature is not working at all anymore. This should come as a relief to many SEOs, for no other reason then this issue can finally be put to rest.

With that being said, now is probably a good time to go and double check your own website’s links, and fix any problem areas. There are several tools online that are available to assist you in this operation. No one can really know what else Google is going to have in store for us this coming year. So, take these first few weeks in the beginning of 2017 to make sure your website, and all it’s functions, are in tip top shape. This will just help you to avoid any surprises down the road. And when it comes to the world of SEO, surprises are not a good thing.

Even though Google’s antics can sometimes be frustrating at best, we have to admit they do know what they are doing. Well, that and if you don’t comply you may as well kiss all your SEO efforts goodbye. So, take your time and due your due diligence to best predict what Google will have in store. There are plenty of forums out there that you can look to in order to glean knowledgeable information about what Google has up their sleeves. Which can help you avoid either another Mobilegeddon, or even using something as simple as a dead link command. The SEO world may be complicated to master, but it’s not impossible. So, good luck!