6 New Facebook Live Features Indianapolis SEOs Should Know About

By January 20, 2017 Marketing, SEO No Comments

If you are heavily apart of the online world, or are a marketing agent who specializes in SEO, then there are a few updates to Facebook you should be aware of. This year in 2017, Facebook launched some new tools to their Facebook Live feature. There are 6 new features specifically, each making the life of those who regularly use Facebook Live a little bit easier. And anyone, whose goal is to dominate the Indianapolis SEO market, or any other upmarket for that matter, knows that Facebook is a vital tool needed to help accomplish that goal.

The first of these features is a Live Contributor. This means that if you are a Facebook admin, you can now assign specific people to live on your behalf. Before, you had to be a Facebook page admin in order to be able to use Facebook Live. This could get especially frustrating if you had several people that you used to contribute to your Facebook page, but didn’t necessarily want to make them administrators of said page. But now, your Live Contributors can start streaming live whenever it is necessary, without you having to give them admin privileges.

The second feature is being able to Go Live from desktops and laptops. Before, you could only use your phone to go live. But now, you can go live via a web browser on your desktop or your laptop computer. Making it easier for those with daily vlogs and other types of broadcasters.

The third feature is being able to pin live comments. This feature gives you the ability to highlight your favorite comments from your viewers, and pin them to the bottom of your live broadcast. This helpful feature gives you the ability to better interact with your audience, and helps focus on the more positive and interesting comments given in your Live broadcast.

The fourth feature video permalinks. Finally, Facebook is adding permalinks for videos. This is a helpful tool for those who are trying to better gain a hold in the Indianapolis SEO market. Facebook will use the format: facebook.com/pagename/videos. This will allow viewers that visit the permalink for your page to be able to be greeted with a live video if you are currently broadcasting. In addition, they will see all your previous live and non-live videos.

The fifth feature is crossposting after your Live broadcast ends. Facebook has now given you the ability to publish your live broadcasts video to multiple pages at once. Prior to this update, you could only crosspost these videos to pages that had the same business manager and pages with different owners.

The final and sixth feature is video insights for profiles. This feature is more geared towards public figures who have 5000 or more followers. It will allow them to gain access to some new metrics, for both live and uploaded videos. These video insights will include:


  • Total minutes viewed
  • Total number of views
  • Total engagements

Plus, these public figures will get aggregated insights for every video they publish on over 7, 30, and 60-day periods.

It is good to see that Facebook is adding helpful features for not only the everyday user, but for SEOs everywhere. So, if you are an SEO looking to stay on top in the competitive world of Indianapolis SEO, then familiarize yourself with these new features, and stay on the top of your game.