Snapchat vs. Instagram, Which Is The Better Option?

Let the war for stories begin. Ever since Facebook bought Instagram there has been one key feature that has been added, My Story. It bears striking similarity to Snapchat’s live feed and story. Both disappear within 24 hours, and both are videos that can be 10 seconds in length. So, now the question that begs to be asked is, “Which one do you use?” Can one of these social media platforms benefit your Indianapolis SEO marketing strategy over another? Well, let’s break it down.

The Case For Instagram

Instagram is a well-established social media platform that has about 600 million users. Snapchat on the other hand only has about 150 million user. Plus now, with the added option of connecting with Facebook friends, it makes it much easier for finding and retaining new followers. A higher number of views are also more likely when it comes to Instagram. The ability to be able to tag other Instagram users and being able to use hashtags, allows a greater amount of people to see your content.

The other thing that Instagram surpasses Snapchat in is it’s drawing capabilities. Colors are aligned at the bottom of the screen, as well as three separate tools: pen, marker, and “neon.” Those who are already familiar with Instagram may not see the point in leaving something they know and copies Snapchat. Plus, Instagram is known for their put-together profiles and allows followers to grow with them in their Instagram journey. While Snapchat sticks around for maximum 24 hours, and then it’s gone forever.

The Case for Snapchat

While the case for Instagram is very strong, there is still much to be said about Snapchat. First of all, it stands alone in its Live Stories Features. The ability to be able to contribute to other snaps has always been a popular feature. And of course the option to post a Live Story is automatically generated when you publish a Snap. Plus, Snapchat has the ability to snap any photo/video that’s in your camera roll by the way of the Memories features. With Instagram Stories, the user can only share a photo taken within the last 24 hours.

Then of course there are Snapchat’s filters. No other social media platform comes close to Snapchat in offering filters. From black and white, to sepia, to making yourself a reindeer with a high squeaky voice, to a hippie wallflower, Snapchat offers it all.

Video on Snapchat also has extra features that don’t appear on Instagram. For instance, being able to speed up, slow down, and play videos in reverse are all options on Snapchat. Plus, users can pin emoji’s or text to particular locations in videos.

And then of course, for the grand finale, you have the geofilter.  From rock concerts, to sporting events, to cities, to neighborhoods, geofilters are available to use as overlays when you’re in a particular geographic area. Plus, they’ve now customized this feature so you can make your own.

Still undecided? Well, it honestly is going to come down to what it is you want to get across to your user. Do you want to convey yourself if a more put-together professional manner? If so, Instagram is the better choice for your Indianapolis SEO Marketing strategy. However, if you want your users to see you in a silly, unedited, and raw state, then Snapchat will instantly become your best friend. Essentially, what it boils down to use is this. Both are great options, you just have to decide what platform you want to take. Happy Choosing!