How To Use Twitter To 10x Your Website Traffic

Driving traffic to your website doesn’t have to be a difficult process. If you are aware of the current trends, and how social media works, you can easily automate ways to drive people from social media to your page without having to jump through crazy hoops. In this article, we are going to show you how you can use social media platforms, such as Twitter, to help accomplish this goal of driving 10x the traffic to your website.

First, it helps to have a basic knowledge of SEO and how it works. Keywords, for instance, are particularly important. And they are what start us off in our first step of this 3-step process. The first step is to Reach. So many people skip over this step entirely. There are thousands of people out there on social media who are looking for services exactly like yours everyday. You just have to be willing to be engaged and pay attention to see them. For example, let’s say you’re a business owner who runs a real estate company and you live in Indianapolis. Sure, you’ve done all the proper steps to bump your Indianapolis SEO rating according to Google standards, but you have yet to engage Twitter. But, much to your chagrin you finally realize you’ve left this source untapped when you see how many people posting tweets about “Needing to Find a Place to Live in Indy.” In order to help reach this audience you need to establish some keywords. Once, you have your keywords, such as Indianapolis, house, and apartment. You’ll need to set up your automated workflow.

An automated workflow looks like the following. You can:


  • Like their posts
  • Follow them
  • Add them to a list
  • Send them a direct message telling them to check out the blog you just posted about places to live in Indy.

You don’t have to use all of these, but at least use a few of them to engage and organically reach out to your users.

The second step is, Click. Once you’re actually engaging with people and no longer sitting back passively, you’ll need something for people to actually click on. Enter content. It’s important to get out quality content as often as you can. Some experts suggest that you’re posting at least 14 links a day to establish rapport with your target market. The reason the volume seems high is because the average Twitter user only spends about 13 minutes on Twitter a day. And since so much can get lost in the shuffle, it’s important to engage your users multiple times a day. Increasing your chance to be seen and have a user engage your site.

This leads us to our last step, Recycle. This means exactly how it sounds. Recycle your content. However, when doing this it’s best to use a tool to help you properly and efficiently recycle. For instance after your blog post has gone up, 14 days later, a month later, however long, that exact same post will show up again. Although it may seem redundant to recycle content, it’s actually ok because the average user probably hasn’t seen it yet. This strategy can become particularly effective when trying to boost your Indianapolis SEO (or wherever you live).

There are so many options out there now, and a ton of roads you can take when it comes to SEO and marketing. But, by following this process of reaching, clicking, and engaging, you can use social media platforms like Twitter to help boost the traffic to your website x10.