Introduction of Live Audio on Facebook

After the recent introduction of Live 360 videos, Facebook decided to take it one step further with live audio, where users will be able to share verbal information in real time.  The upside to this is being able to launch in poor connectivity areas and weak wireless connections.

We know that sometimes publishers want to tell a story on Facebook with words and not video. We’ve even seen some Pages find creative ways to go live and reach audiences with audio only by using the Facebook Live API or by adding a still image to accompany their audio broadcast. Our new Live Audio option makes it easy to go live with audio only when that’s the broadcaster’s preferred format.- Facebook


How does it work?

Live audio works very similar to Live 360 videos.  As soon as someone starts recording a live audio, it will be pushed to the top of the newsfeed.  Any Facebook user who subscribes to Live or actively follows that individual will get a notification pop up.  When a user clicks on a Live audio, they will be able to immediately hear it and see their cover photo displayed on the main image.  A Live audio broadcast can last for up to four hours, and users can post comments and reactions while it’s happening. Android users specifically will be able to lock their phones during a Live audio as well as minimize it and use other apps during it. iOS users will be able to continue looking at Facebook.


What potential does Live give to digital marketing?

Live audio opens an entirely new platform to the world of online marketing.  Companies can utilize it to stream podcasts where they share information about products and services as well as intriguing stories and interviews with people of influence.  Radio programs can broadcast information via Facebook Live audio, authors can be interviewed as well as have book readings, bands and musicians can have live sets and live recording sessions, and news companies will be able to broadcast during natural disasters and in conflict areas.

When can I use Facebook Live Audio?

Live audio will be introduced within the next few weeks.  Facebook recently partnered up with BBC World Service, Harper Collins, and authors Adam Grant and Brit Bennett to make this introduction.  Facebook Live audio will be available to the rest of the general public sometime in early 2017.