Keyword Strategies to Dominate Your Niche

By December 23, 2016 Marketing, SEO No Comments

In each niche, there are specific keywords that everyone wants to rank for.  But why is that so?  After all, each company is fighting over the same few keywords.  What if a different approach was taken?


If you want to dominate your niche, consider taking an unconventional approach and implement the following keyword strategies:

  • Interview Industry Leaders. Most of the leaders in your industry are not going to turn down an opportunity for exposure. They are able to show off their expertise, trust, and authority on specific topics.  Interviewing them can help your company produce amazing content while simultaneously earning the ability to rank for words specific to that leader, such as: their role models, books they wrote, events they speak at, events they attend, podcasts they speak at or host, or products and services they use.
  • Piggyback Competitors’ Brand Terms. This can be easily done by comparing and contrasting your products and services with the competition. Make sure what you have to offer is truly superior, however, or else you are just going to give them exposure. Be honest in your comparisons by demonstrating how your services or products are better without trashing the other company.


  • Review Related Products and Services. There isn’t a rule anywhere in a rule book stating that you only have to focus on your own goods and services. It is okay to produce content on other topics. By writing about related products and services, you are opening yourself up to a totally different audience that will improve your rankings.
  • Incorporate Local Themed Content. If this is executed properly, incorporating local-themed content can be extremely beneficial in improving your ranking. Your local information should not just be on one page of your website, rather look for any opportunity to use it on blog posts and pages. This can include state, city, and county name, local street names, local events, local attractions, local radio shows, local prominent figures, and so forth.
  • Share Client Success Stories. This is one way that will be unique to your company, no matter what. Your stories are your stories, and no competitors can take that from you. Some added beneficial keywords you will gain from doing this are client’s names and companies.  If you post case studies, you can also earn links from industry publications.  Make sure when doing any of this, however, that you receive the client’s permission.