Better SEO This Holiday Season to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

By December 9, 2016 Marketing, SEO No Comments

Holiday shopping is officially in full-swing, especially after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Many people use online shopping as their main method of purchasing Christmas gifts.  It is easy, efficient, and can be quickly done, unlike traipsing around the mall and fighting through the crowds.  Despite the popularity of online shopping, 75% of online purchases get abandoned.  People will find products they like, add them to the cart, but fail to complete the purchase.  This is the last thing you want, especially during the Holidays when your sales could be sky high.


Below are some tips on how by improving your SEO you can avoid falling into the shopping cart abandonment statistics.

Do Not Forget About Calls-to-Action and Urgency

Because people have added things to their shopping cart does not mean they will go all the way through to purchase.  These customers still need to be targeted with strong calls-to-action.  What better place to do this than on the checkout page?  Having strong calls-to-action will only reinforce the customer’s want to purchase a product, and may even push them over the fence if they are unsure.  These calls-to-action should be clear as well as consistent with the rest of your website.  This can be done by creating a sense of urgency: “get $25 off your purchase if you check out within the next .



Use Search Engine Re-Marketing

Re-marketing is when a cookie is placed on someone’s computer when they put something in their cart, but doesn’t make a purchase.  That customer will get advertising on that specific product via a banner, pop-up, etc. even on other retailer’s websites.  This will put a bug in their ear and remind them about that product they decided not to purchase.  The odds of them returning to your site to make a purchase will be much higher.


Include Product Image Thumbnails

It is important to keep the customer engaged throughout the entire buying process.  If the customer places something in their cart, but does not get to visually see it again until it arrives at their doorstep, the chance of them abandoning their cart is much higher.


Including a visual through a product image thumbnail will give the customer a connection to the product throughout the entire purchasing experience.