How to Reach More People on Facebook

Facebook has now been the number one platform people use to connect with family and friends for over 10 years.  How’s that to make you feel old today? Businesses everywhere understand the importance of utilizing Facebook in order to reach as many people as possible with their brand’s message.

sej-feature-imageRecently, however, some have experienced difficulty in reaching out to a large audience at a very affordable cost. This article will explore various ways that one can use Facebook effectively in order to reach as many people as possible.

  1. Engage Your Audience with Imagery. If done properly, this will engage your audience visually while simultaneously communicating a clear call to action. It is imperative that you do not place too much text on your image.  Users will find this spammy and most likely move on without paying it any attention.  If you are using the Facebook Power Editor tool, you will be quickly notified if your image displays too much text.
  2. Automatic Bidding so You Never Lose Your Traffic. On Facebook, your bids will be different every day, as they are optimized automatically for conversations. Some days you will have higher Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) bidding, and some days you will have lower CPA bidding.  On competitive days in the market, Facebook will automatically increase the bid to make sure that you do not lose any traffic in the process.
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  4. Don’t Let Your Ads Overlap. Overlapped ads are when you have two that are basically competing with each other. Avoid this as well as ad sets.  If not, you can hike the price up for a bid without meaning to do so.
  5. Don’t Make Changes Often. When you do this, it resets the algorithm.  If too many changes are made, Facebook will not be able to keep up and the algorithm won’t reach its fullest potential.  Keep changes limited to once per month.
  6. Reach Campaigns to Meet your Goals. It is recommended that you create a reach and frequency campaign.  When you buy a certain amount of impressions at a fixed price, essentially you are telling the Facebook algorithm your ultimate goal.
  7. Lifetime Budget. Allowing Facebook to use a lifetime budget, or a set amount of money within a set amount of time, will ultimately increase your reach.  Facebook will work to make sure you receive your best results within the time frame.  The common trend you will see is that traffic gets high in the beginning, then slows down in the middle, and gets high again toward the end.