Improving your Small Business SEO

By October 23, 2016 Marketing, SEO No Comments

Small business owners can sometimes tend to have trouble effectively implementing their SEO. In addition to taking care of business and customer needs, you have to manage your website and marketing on top of all of that.  It can be quite overwhelming.


In this article we will discuss simple ways that a small business owner can improve their SEO all on their own.

Realistically Manage Your Expectations

It’s important that you are realistic about what you can handle and what you simply cannot. Try to aim for very specific keywords, rather than general, high-end keywords.  Do not get frustrated with yourself if you aren’t ranking number one on the search engine results pages.  You most likely cannot compete with massive companies that have millions of dollars to pour into marketing.

Know Your Niche

Understand your niche in and out, knowing what people would search for in order to land on your site.  For example, if you are a local dry cleaning company, opt for keywords like “best dry cleaners Lansing” instead of “where to find a good dry cleaner”.  The specific keywords will draw people in to your specific niche.

Mid-Tail Keywords

It’s important not to go too overboard when coming up with specific keywords for your niche.  If your keywords are too long, you will only yield maybe one to two people per day to your site.  Instead of “gymnastics clothing that wears well in the washing machine near Chicago”, try “team gymnastics clothing in Chicago”.

Use Online Platforms

One of the main ways that local businesses can communicate with their audience is through social media.  Use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Don’t forget to maintain them! Update people with useful information, any promotions you are running, and anything new that happens to your business (such as a location change).  Offer for people to share their experiences and reward them for tagging you or ‘checking-in’.  This is only going to spread the word faster about your business and what you have to offer.

Use Offline Platforms

In addition to the world wide web, you can also advertise in the local newspaper. You might believe that newspapers are a thing of the past, but local news companies are actually a great way to get your information out there.  Anything that you have that is newsworthy, make sure you reach out to a local publication source in order to spread the news.