Is Facebook Becoming the Next Review Platform?

Facebook has recently added a new feature (because what platform isn’t constantly adding new features) that allows you to post reviews at places you have checked in. It looks a little something like this:


What happens is, once you have ‘checked in’ to a location on Facebook, you will receive a notification from Facebook 24 hours later asking you to review and share the place you visited.

Why do people check in anyways?

People typically do this because they want others around them to know what they are up to.  After all, you seem a lot cooler to your friends if you are front row at a Coldplay concert rather than on your couch watching another Netflix series. People check-in to show off their latest meal and let people know what restaurant they should eat at next.  They even check-in to places like hospitals in order to let others know they have a sick relative or friend.  This can alert people to send support. All in all, people like to share what they are up to with others, and checkin in on Facebook is a great way to accomplish this.


The problem with Yelp.

There are few people, awarded elite status by Yelp, that use the site often to seek and leave helpful information.  Most people only use Yelp to seek information, not to actually leave it unless it is a negative review. Because of this, they have an average rating of 3 stars for most businesses.  This leaves the scale to be grossly inaccurate, as people are receiving far more negative feed back than positive.

e4fcdb706f26100581e210145edef087Facebook can fill that void.

Nearly everyone utilizes the Facebook platform.  People use it to post exciting information about their lives, let friends and family know what’s new, seek out information about their friends and family, get useful information on things to do and places to go, advertise their businesses, and so forth.  When you receive a notification that goes directly into your feed, even if you are super busy, you can easily leave a quick review for others to see.  Facebook can fill the void Yelp has left of finding only negative reviews with the ability to reach so many more people than Yelp can.  In order to leave a review, you do not even have to write anything.  All you have to do is click the number of stars and move on with your day.  This incentivizes many people to use it.