Leading Visitors to Your Best Website Content

By October 16, 2016 Content Marketing, SEO No Comments

So many website owners get so caught up in focusing on backlinks, that they completely neglect internal links.  There is a whole strategic world behind internal links that should not be overlooked. Focusing here can actually generate even more traffic to your website. In order to have a strong search engine optimization strategy, focus both on back links and internal links.  Having good links does several things: enables visitors to navigate throughout the entire website rather than just the home page, helps people to be able to easily share information that is found deep within your site, and builds good paths for search engine bots or spiders to find your content as easily as possible.  As you know, the easier it is for people and search engines to navigate through your site, the higher your rankings will appear on SERPs.


The purpose of internal links is to successfully guide people and search engines throughout the site to specific content.  Think of links like a winding path in a forest, the forest being your website.  People can actually land on your site from anywhere: about section, services page, a blog post, or contact information found on an online directory.  When there are proper internal links, people can access the content they want to see in a quick and easy fashion.  Internal links will often lead people to additional details on a product, to a blog post with associated content information, or a page deeper within the website that is hidden from the main page.

Engine spiders or bots are able to easily find content in your site through internal links.  The links create a sort of web in which the spiders can crawl around and navigate through. Once these bots and spiders find the content, it will then be added into a huge database.  When people make search inquiries, the spiders and bots will have quick access to the relevant content, thanks to your web of internal links.

In order to make sure your site is optimizing itself through internal link building, there are a few things you should do.  First off, you should test your site with a free tool called Open Site Explorer.  This will give you a good understanding of the current link structure in your site already.  Second, make sure all of your pages on your website have a link to another page within your site, no pages left behind! Finally, make sure you create links that are from relevant anchor text. Anchor text is keyword rich and will keep spiders from having to do more work than they signed up for.