Facebook Messenger Makes a Huge Change

This past Monday, Facebook Messenger made a huge change that will positively impact your Indianapolis SEO.  Facebook Messenger now makes it easier for companies to sell products via Messenger bots by adding a buy button.  You can actually purchase products without leaving Facebook Messenger.  This is convenient for consumers and allows companies to gain more business by directing people from Facebook Ads to Messenger bots.


Before this change, in order to make a purchase, you had to click on a button in a Messenger’s bot that took you completely out of Messenger and onto the company’s website.  From there you would be directed to enter your payment and shipping information. If this information was already stored in your Facebook Messenger to send and receive money from friends, then having to leave the app and enter in all of the information again would be highly annoying.  Facebook understood this frustration and made the necessary changes to not only make it easier for consumers to purchase from Messenger bots, but also for companies to increase their sales with the new bots tools.

To further your Indianapolis SEO, your brand can now ad links to your Facebook ads that will direct people to your Messenger bots. This feature can be used for a ‘Messenger only sale’ using a discount code found in the Facebook ad. Your brand can also improve the way you display your products in Messenger. In addition to showing image thumbnails, you can load a custom web page that will take up almost the entire screen or only part of the screen in order for people to still feel like they are in Messenger. These web pages are called webviews and can be personalized. Not only will people be able to purchase items right within Messenger, but companies can remember which products people viewed in order to follow up on them or suggest new ones.

In addition to these new changes, companies can use bots that present consumers with keyboard-hiding, button only bots.  This will make it far easier for people to bot their exact location, select colors for an item they are considering, or to pick out one particular product in a row of images. People can also share ‘message bubbles’, or direct message with their friends on Facebook Messenger. The bot will be displayed to your friends the exact same way, making it easier for them to make an immediate purchase.