Link Building in SEO

By September 21, 2016 SEO No Comments

In today’s realm of SEO, there are a plethora of thoughts about link building and generating web traffic. Some marketing experts believe that link building takes a long time to increase traffic to websites.  Kristina Kledzik from Moz said that it takes about 10 weeks for new links to make an impact on traffic for a website. From other cases that we see from Conrad Saam, I would beg to differ on this there are many examples when appropriately done link building generated significant new traffic in a matter of days.


Conrad Saam, founder of Mockingbird Marketing, has proven that link building can generate significant new traffic that does not take 10 weeks. Because of his great success in web traffic, we will skim over his four different cases, all of which were law groups trying to increase traffic on their website.

His group works exclusively with law firms that are small business with websites. All cases contain align with the following characteristics:
– When they designed high-quality links they saw overwhelming success
– They did not do any other SEO work for these clients
– Most of these cases only took a few days.

The reasons they saw significant new traffic in a short period of time:
-Smaller web dominance: greater, more striking results are expected from smaller business sites. Any change shows a significant impact.

-Monumental use of links: a high volume of applicable, excellent links were used. Volume was increased anywhere from 50-300% in less than two weeks.
-Success in traffic: measure of success was based on the amount of traffic, not the ranking, as this correlates better with how businesses are run.
-Less influences on change: less variables can confound why traffic changes may occur with small business sites.

Four cases:
Case 1–
The group did a link building campaign for a law firm around a particular women’s right topic and increased incoming traffic by 20%. This was done in about three days.


Case 2–
The group built links, using social media to contact potential litigants, for a law firm that filed a class action case, and increased incoming traffic by 17%.


Case 3–
This one involved an injury claim against a famous technology company that had news crossing over onto secondary information sites. There was a 46% surge increase in traffic.


Case 4–
The last case was unique because it increased traffic, but it was more delayed compared to the others. This project took closer to eight weeks for it to hit the maximum amount of traffic, but it increased traffic by 65%, so this was the most successful case.

case-iv-800x270There are a lot of options for link building, but if done in a similar way from these examples, you can experience significant growth in website traffic. If you only do one or two links here or there, then yes, it will take weeks to months to see significant results; but, a well thought-out and strategic plan can result in significant traffic with only a short amount of time to implement it.