Advertising on Facebook: A Look at Carousel and Pricing Trends

Facebook recently implemented a new policy for advertisers where ad images must not exceed 20%.  Ads where text was higher than 20% were rapidly dropped our placed on hold by Facebook. This new change makes it clear that image text will have a huge impact on what reaches a company’s audience.  Presently, when a healthcare company submits an ad to Facebook, they will then be graded on a four-tier system.


The system points out the likelihood of audience reach based on the text and image shared. If you are a company looking to use Facebook ads as a form of marketing, you should be aware that when submitting an ad to be graded, you should still greatly reduce the amount of text in your ad image.  The types of images that will yield a good grading score are logos, album covers, and movie posters.  What will yield a low grading score are discount languages and product descriptions.

carousel-growthFacebook Carousel ads have been very popular since their launch, especially when marketing a product.  You are able to display multiple products within a single unit and allow for an interactive experience with your users.  Carousel ads have also improved the click to purchase conversion for a great amount of advertisers.  As these ad targets improve, Facebook’s CPMs are increasing as much as 10% each quarter.  Despite this, however, healthcare companies are continuing to use Facebook ads.  Despite the higher ad prices, the value provided by them far outweighs the cost.  As spending increases, so does the returns.  Facebook clearly has a great ability to keep customers happy and continuing to return each year in order to place their ads.

cpm-2016-1In the past, Facebook has made tweaks to their algorithm that has caused a bit of an upheaval by advertisers.  Despite this, however, the user growth continues to climb.  Advertisers should follow Facebook’s lead, and trust them with their advertising vision.  The whole purpose of Facebook providing the image-text guidelines as well as the reach estimates to advertisers is to show them what works and what doesn’t.  Facebook has recently made it to where desktop ads can no longer be shut off.  On the flip side, however, they also made it so people could opt out of specific ads.  This goes to show that healthcare companies should be very thoughtful in providing interesting, attention-grabbing ads to keep users from shutting them down.