The Evolution of Social Media Marketing

Social Media has made it possible to connect a huge portion of the world’s population to each other.  From Facebook to Snapchat to Twitter, people are exercising their ability to use these platforms to reach out to others, stay acquainted with people of the past, and even market their businesses.  After all, there is a lot of ‘free’ marketing available within social media and what it currently offers.

Evolution-of-Social-MediaIt is easy to think that social media is what it is, and will stay the same for the most part.  Sure, different outlets may change their layout or the way their app appears, etc., but total evolution?  Most people do not think that much will change.  Jayson DeMers, a contributor to Marketing Land, thinks differently.  He believes that Social Media, right now as we know it, is only in it’s ‘teen years’.  Here are his predictions for the evolution of social media marketing:

  1. Jayson believes that a single social media platform could grow to dominate the entire landscape.  Currently, he sees Facebook as the frontrunner.  They have already purchased Instagram, and it would not be hard for them to slowly acquire ownership of other platforms.  It would take awhile, but it is possible.
  2. Paid Marketing Visibility. There are various social media platforms that are cutting back on free marketing for various businesses, such as healthcare organizations.  They are starting to make it so the visible content comes directly from individual users, rather than organizations.  Facebook, for example, has implemented this because they want users to see what they want to see.  This could mean that social media marketing visibility will be primarily paid in the future.
  3. Social Media platforms are already seeing that users want more customizability and individualization. They want to share and view information that only pertains to them, such as controlling what is visible in their newsfeed.  Facebook already allows for some of this, and in the future other platforms might adapt this feature as well.  this would give users the power to control the visibility of the content they view.
  4. Niche Specific Platforms. To completely contrast prediction number one, social media platforms may become even more niche specific.  Snapchat is a great example of this, as the platform allows users to send photos and videos as well as use specialty filters.  They can also chat and briefly video chat, but besides this there is not much else they can do.  As time goes on, more and more platforms may be created with their own specific niches.

Jayson shares a few more predictions here.  All in all, these changes may or may not come to pass.  If they do, however, healthcare organizations and others will have to rethink the way they are currently marketing to their end user.