Why Healthcare Marketers Love LinkedIn

Social media has become one of the most popular methods of marketing today for any business, including the healthcare industry.  Although the industry is still slowly coming on board, many practices recognize its importance, as most individuals have an online presence and use social media to gain information about practices, treatment options, and so forth.  A recent study was conducted to find out what social media company was the most popular.  59% of the people involved in the study stated that LinkedIn was their number one branding tool.  Not only does LinkedIn help people become more efficient with their jobs, but it also helps companies stand out more and become recognized.


Here are some reasons why healthcare marketers love LinkedIn:

  1. It’s huge! Out of all professional networks, LinkedIn is by far the largest. There are over 400 million members and the number continues to climb. By marketing on LinkedIn you are automatically making your practice visible to people across the entire world.
  2. It Shows Up First. When you google a particular healthcare business, the LinkedIn link is what typically appears first on the search engine results page.  People are most likely to click on the top three results, so having LinkedIn show up first almost guarantees people will land on your page.
  3. Keeps You Connected. LinkedIn is a wonderful, organized tool for keeping you in touch with other people and businesses.  If someone changes companies you do not have to fret about losing their email address.  Everything can be found right on their LinkedIn page!
  4. Ups Your Chances of Showing up in Search Results. LinkedIn allows you to have 3 outbound links in your profile.  This will make your healthcare company more visible for people searching for services you have to offer, as traffic will generate even more traffic with google search result rankings.
  5. It is All-Encompassing. LinkedIn is a place where you can manage all of your contacts.  You can even use different tags if you want to communicate with different groups at a time. You can even contact people that are not LinkedIn connections by uploading them from Gmail or your iPhone.
  6. It Lets Others Speak For You. You do not have to be the only one tooting your horn.  LinkedIn allows other people to give you endorsements as well as recommendations.
  7. Always Available. In case you are not near your computer you can use LinkedIn right on your smartphone in a matter of seconds through their very user-friendly mobile app.