Instagram Uses New Algorithm and Facebook Data for Stories Feed

If you utilize the social media platform Instagram to help promote your healthcare company, you will want to be aware of the new process it is implementing to determine what is shown in its Stories feed.  Previously, Instagram would highlight stories in the order in which they were posted.  Now, its algorithm is actually determined by parent company Facebook.  It will assess what exact content people are engaging with on both Instagram and Facebook and then prioritize it in order from there.  The whole goal is to show people what they are most likely to be interested in based on how other people are reacting to the content.


To put this into perspective, Snapchat shows its stories in reverse-chronological order, based on what has most recently been updated.  However, they are also considering changing their algorithm to reflect that of which Instagram is implementing.  There are many pros to doing this for the company as well as its users.  One pro is that it makes the content more accessible.  People feel like they can see things they are most interested in in the quickest amount of time, making the overall experience entertaining and seamless.  It is the equivalent of having a program like Hulu pick out a show for you rather than flipping through endless channels on your TV Guide.

Ross Sheingold, the chief innovation officer at Laundry Service, a digital agency, says: “An algorithmic feed for Stories differentiates their Stories product in a way that stays true to their mission of keeping people connected to those they’re closest to.”  If Instagram were to show their Stories in a reverse-chronological fashion like Snapchat, the chances of the Stories that users would be most interested in being hidden would be much higher.  For that reason, the algorithm will prevent this as well as optimize users’ chances of creating Stories in the first place.

Instagram_StoriesWatch-1920Currently, in the Instagram Stories experience, users can upload photos and videos without filters or emojis.  Unlike Snapchat, however, they are able to rewind as well as pause videos. Also unlike Snapchat, Instagram is not currently profiting off of its Stories interface.  There are no ads between Stories allowing companies to put their information in everyone’s feed.  So how does this affect your marketing efforts for your healthcare company?  Well, if you want your information to get out there, you need to learn how to get to the front of the feed or pay for the privilege.