Optimizing for Local Search

By August 2, 2016 Local SEO, SEO No Comments

Local search isn’t what it used to be.  Google has been switching things up in the past couple of years, and when I say couple I really mean couple, as in two.  Nowadays, it’s all about the mobile search.  No longer do people need to run home to their desktops or, heaven forbid, visit the computers at the library when they want to search something on the internet.  They now have the option of turning to their smart phones, doing a little finger dance, and getting results instantly.


Since mobile searching has all but required that the rules for search optimization be rewritten, which they have, businesses need to make sure that they are keeping up with the times in order to maintain a healthy internet presence.  With a target audience of health care providers (from surgeons to chiropractors), who are notoriously on the move and overwhelmed to boot, Millennial Tech Services as  Indianapolis SEO provider has risen to the challenge.

What would a surgeon type in if they were looking for the business of Indianapolis SEO?  What would a dentist type in?  What would a family doctor type in?  These answers will provide the keywords necessary for successful local search optimization.  All of that is null and void if the page takes forever to load.  An uber busy healthcare practitioner wants results immediately (hence the use of the mobile device).  They’ll close the page after mere seconds if nothing is happening.  After that, the page has to be mobile-friendly or, once again, the user is going to shut it down and move on.  No one has the time or energy to be spending zooming in and out, for one.

A paid search would be highly recommended for companies looking for local SEO.  Who is the target audience?  Going back to the target audience of health care providers, this genre of professionals often pay to belong to private, specialized sites which maximize their own online experience.  Using a paid search platform requires a different strategy, with three main points to focus on:

Do your ads feel local?

electriciain-near-me-380x378If you want your business to show up as local, then make sure you include the location of your business in your ad, or a telephone number that can be clicked on at first glance.

Are you using mobile ad extensions?

electrician-near-me-2-380x184Location extensions are obvious when it comes to local searches, but sitelinks, call extensions, and click-to-call ads are all very useful and relevant. Sitelinks are good for high-lighting specifics, call extensions just plain old make sense when dealing with a mobile market, and click-to-call ads are especially relevant when it comes to healthcare providers.

Are you using promoted pins?

There is a growing need to partner directly with advertising and marketing campaigns now that Google Maps has updated it’s advertising. A solid logo and a customized results page will be tantamount.

In the end, the concept is simple: if you give your customer/consumer/patient/whomever what they are looking for, then you will get their business.  In this new, mobile world that is continuing to expand and evolve, successful optimization for local search is where it all starts.