Avoidable SEO Mistakes for Content Marketers to be Aware Of

As we have mentioned before, it is extremely important to merge your content marketing with your Carmel SEO to get the best possible results.  If you fail to do this, you will not be getting the most bang for your buck.

oops-error-mistake-ss-1920Read on to see the top 5 mistakes that content marketers often make that could be avoided.

  1. Failure to Outreach Systematically. In order to get a lot of great backlinks, your content must be promoted properly.  If you want people talking about your stuff, you have to generate the buzz.  This happens when you get power users in the area to promote your content.  In order to do this, you must systematically outreach to these power users and see if they will do just that for you.  If you need help gathering ideas, check out social media and see what’s popular, who’s popular, and how big their presence is.  When you are outreaching, make sure to offer them value rather than just simply asking for a favor.  Perhaps this comes in the form by offering them ideas (based on things you might have read on their site in the comments section) or attending their events.  Finally, you will want to keep up the communication.pitchbox-3513x2204-800x502
  1. Not Using the Right Words. As you know for your Carmel SEO, keywords are extremely important.  However, make sure you construct proper keyword research ahead of time.  There are tools out there for this, such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool and KeywordSpy.
  2. Breaking the Website. This primarily happens by not redirecting pages properly.  If you decide to move your site’s content, use 301 redirecting instead of 302.  302 does not pass on any link authority.  What’s the use in working hard on generating content and gaining links if they won’t even be picked up by Google?
  3. Failure to Gather Intel. Numbers have not and will not lie.  By using metrics, you will be able to gather an idea of what works and what does not work.  First, gather a baseline reading.  How many social media followers do you currently have?  How many links?  Then, track your marketing campaign over time to see how these numbers either improve or not.
  4. Believing SEO Myths. Don’t let your Carmel SEO tank because you are buying into the myths out there.  There are a bunch of myths floating around, including some of the following: SEO is only a 1 time activity, you will get penalized by Google for duplicate content, URLs should always be ended in .html, and .edu links receive extra significance.  Stay informed, question the information you come in contact with, and don’t believe everything you hear.