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SEO Value of Quality Links

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Links matter in SEO.  And it’s a good thing, too, because a recent study shows that links are still a prime contributing factor when it comes to rankings.  Everybody can breath a sigh of relief.  A lot has changed in the internet world in the past few years, but it seems that the value of links are still holding true.  Google itself is claiming that links are in the top two most important factors when it comes to promoting your site.

the-power-of-links-740x400So then why are we even talking about this?

Even though we have established that links are still important, we haven’t talked about why.  If we don’t talk about why than SEO companies aren’t going to be able to maximize their full potential.  Health care websites tend to have a lot of links attached to them, but if they aren’t doing what they are supposed to be doing the website isn’t going to be scoring as well as it should.  A chiropractor can have a blog about important health issues and studies, but if the blog doesn’t link back to the main site the reader is going to go find another chiropractor.

So here’s why links are so important:

  • Using the chiropractor’s blog as an example… People want to know how to help themselves. Going to get adjusted is an awesome service, but we still want to know how we can keep feeling that great when we get home and for in-between adjustments.  This is where links going to blogs, articles, and pointing back to the website are going to be the most useful.  If you don’t slip in your URL, people aren’t going to know where to go to find you.  And that’s just sad.
  • Use multiple channels! The awesome thing about the internet is that you can market all over the place.  Organic traffic search is the obvious tool.  What about thinking outside of the box?  Local Indianapolis SEO Companies like Millennial Tech Services understand how important it is for healthcare providers to be exposed on click-to-pay sites, too.  The health care industry is always tied into sites that you have to pay to access, and this is often an untapped resource.  Referral traffic is great, and direct traffic is great.  In this instance, organic is not the only way to go!
  • Don’t be lazy. I’m not trying to be rude, but I am saying it’s a waste of everyone’s time to just buy links and hope you get some good traffic.  What you are most assuredly going to get is some penalties, which will wind up dropping your rankings.  Not cool.  So do your job!  Put your client’s money to good use.

In SEO, everything works together.  Links are important, we get it, but they tie into everything else.  You can’t slack in one hand and do good work in the other.  It all ties in together, and even if you are doing a great job with links, if you are failing in the other aspects it’s all going to fall flat anyway.  Remember: content is key.

Why Your Healthcare Business Needs Local SEO

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Local SEO is highly beneficial for all businesses, but especially businesses involved in the healthcare industry. This includes but is not limited to: doctors, surgeons, dentists, chiropractors and health clinic owners. Without the help of local SEO such as Indianapolis SEO, these type of businesses would suffer greatly and would probably loose a large number of their patients. This is true because most people use the internet to search for healthcare providers when they move to a new area or are on vacation and need immediate attention from a healthcare professional.

4-steps-to-local-seo_5348041bd4899_w450_h300Just imagine what would happen if we didn’t use local SEO and patients had to find a provider the old-fashion way? They would simply look for number to call or drive around their area until they found someone who could treat their problem. There would be no way for potential customers to research various businesses and find the best one. And as a result, there would be no way for healthcare facilities to reach more clients than their competitors and expand their customer base at rapid speeds.

We know how important it is for users to be able to find healthcare facilities near them based on the information provided by Google. Studies have shown that “near me” searches are steadily increasing each year and that about 80 percent of them are conducted on mobile devices. Additionally, over 80 percent of all medical “near me” searches are conducted on mobile devices. This means that users are not only conducting numerous “near me” searches for medical facilities but that the majority of them are conducted by users who are out and actively looking for a healthcare facility to meet their needs.

local-seo-search-volumeLocal SEO will help your medical business reach new clients by boosting your search rankings and increasing site traffic. By pushing your company to the top of Google rankings, you will be able to expand your customer base as more and more potential patients become aware of the excellent service you offer. Running a top level healthcare facility will only get you so far, you need to make people aware of your high level of expertise and care. I’d recommend hiring a reputable SEO company such as Indianapolis SEO to help you navigate the world of local SEO.

How to Create the Best SEO Landing Page

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Ranking well in local searches is highly important for those involved in the healthcare industry, such as doctors, dentists, chiropractors and health clinic owners. These local businesses depend on a growing customer base, which is why it is vital for a healthcare business to be listed at the top of the local search rankings. Unfortunately, many healthcare providers do not rank very well in local listings due to a poorly designed landing page. Here at Carmel SEO, we want your website to be one of the top ranking in your area, so we’ve outlined some of the steps you need to take to improve your landing page and attract more clients to your business.

buy-local-small-business-shopping-ss-1920To ensure you have the perfect SEO landing page, you need to make sure it fulfills all of the local ranking factors. Here is a list of some of the top local ranking factors you need to make sure your landing page includes in order to ensure your site ranks well in Google:

  1. Optimize your title, make sure it includes the city and state of your healthcare business.
  2. Title should also include the product or service your company is offering, obviously.
  3. Make sure your landing page loads quickly. No one wants to wait more than a few seconds for a page to load, and if your page takes to long, users will leave immediately.
  4. Local links should link back to the local landing page.
  5. Your HTML name, address and phone number should match your location name, address and phone number.
  6. Include city, state and the products or services you offer in your header tags if possible.
  7. Use link-building to increase the authority of your landing page.


By considering the various ranking factors used when ranking your landing page, you will be able to construct your page in such a way that will help it organically climb the local search listings. However, it is important that your digital marketing team continues to focus on link-building and creating informative and interesting content. By concentrating your efforts on links, content, and the various ranking factors, you’ll be able to ensure your landing page is one of the top pages in the local listings. If you have any further questions regarding landing pages and how to improve yours, please contact our experts at Carmel SEO. They’d be happy to help!

How to Avoid Ruining Your Site’s Search Rankings

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At Indianapolis SEO, we’ve encountered countless webmasters who come to us for help after wrecking their search engine rankings thanks to a website redesign. We want to help you prevent this situation by explaining some common mistakes made by webmasters during a site redesign and how to avoid them.

shock-surprise-clickbait-horror-scared-ss-1920The first mistake many webmasters make when updating their site is forgetting to transfer content over from their old site. If your old site had gained any organic search rankings at all then you need to make sure you transfer that valuable content to your new and improved website. If you forget to do this, you will be unpleasantly surprised when your new site plummets in the rankings. Remember to take all foundational content and incorporate it into your new site to ensure it maintains its organic search rankings even after it is updated.

Oftentimes when redesigning a site, webmasters will add new images to give the website a fresh and unique look. However, this is also an aspect of website redesign where a lot of simple yet costly mistakes will occur. For example, if you add flash-based or un-optimized images to your new site, it is highly likely that your search rankings will be severely hindered. Make sure you remember to optimize all new images and to avoid adding flash elements in order to prevent mobile users from getting blocked.

The last common mistake made by webmasters during a site redesign is forgetting to make their site mobile-friendly. Having a mobile-friendly website is extremely important in the technology saturated world we live in, and if you forget to add this vital feature your site will definitely suffer. However, simply enabling your site to be viewed on mobile devices isn’t enough. You need to make your site as mobile-friendly as possible so that it is as user-friendly as possible. This means configuring your mobile site so that it loads quickly and isn’t bogged down with too much information. Also, if at all possible, you should avoid using pop-ups as these will cause many users to leave your site almost immediately.

I hope the information provided above helps you to avoid many of the mistakes webmasters have made in the past when redesign their site. And if for whatever reason you find yourself dealing with poor search rankings after updating your site, feel free to contact our experts at Indianapolis SEO to help you identify and correct the problems.

Understanding the Vital Importance of Technical SEO

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While some people will claim that technical SEO is nothing more than makeup, Senior Search Manager at Pi Datametrics Max Holloway will argue differently.  In his particular role he focuses on helping people with many SEO issues, and a large majority of them are technical in nature. He claims that anyone who truly specializes in technical SEO is focused on working with their clients to meet their needs and brainstorming on creative solutions for SEO.

site-migration-finance-1024x924So, what would your Carmel SEO look like without the implementation of technical SEO?

According to Max, the first thing would be botched migration.  So much can go wrong here, and if you aren’t willing to pay a technical SEO for their full service in this department, you may end up costing your Carmel SEO all of its visibility.  Some of the potential migration hazards include:

  • “No 301 mapping
  • .htaccess rules not written correctly/efficiently
  • Staging environment gets indexed
  • Staging robots.txt or meta robots data brought over to live
  • Different versions of PHP/Apache/jQuery between environments”


The next issue your Carmel SEO could potentially face in the absence of technical SEO is faceted navigation.  For this one area, a number of questions arise, such as:

is duplicate content being created?

should we remove facets or add more?

how many products should be displayed on each page?

which of the faceted navigators should be indexed and which ones should not?

These answers cannot simply be generated, and are evolving with each site and its visibility.

Another potential issue, which is often the most overlooked, is optimizing page load.  Page load speed can make or break your Carmel SEO.  The speed can be effected by things like inefficient coding, improperly configured servers, too many HTTP requests, image sizes that are too large, or multiple DNS lookups.  Sometimes entire websites have to be rebuilt in order to improve the page load speed. Each step of the way to doing this, many technical SEO factors must be considered.

As you can see, technical SEO is not something that can be overlooked.  It has a vital importance to your Carmel SEO, and it is the science behind the search.  What you know must be tested, as you can not rely solely on Google.  Google doesn’t always know what works best.  The best way to make sure your technical SEO is not overlooked is by putting in the time and effort it requires or employing a technical SEO to do it for you.

Avoidable SEO Mistakes for Content Marketers to be Aware Of

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As we have mentioned before, it is extremely important to merge your content marketing with your Carmel SEO to get the best possible results.  If you fail to do this, you will not be getting the most bang for your buck.

oops-error-mistake-ss-1920Read on to see the top 5 mistakes that content marketers often make that could be avoided.

  1. Failure to Outreach Systematically. In order to get a lot of great backlinks, your content must be promoted properly.  If you want people talking about your stuff, you have to generate the buzz.  This happens when you get power users in the area to promote your content.  In order to do this, you must systematically outreach to these power users and see if they will do just that for you.  If you need help gathering ideas, check out social media and see what’s popular, who’s popular, and how big their presence is.  When you are outreaching, make sure to offer them value rather than just simply asking for a favor.  Perhaps this comes in the form by offering them ideas (based on things you might have read on their site in the comments section) or attending their events.  Finally, you will want to keep up the communication.pitchbox-3513x2204-800x502
  1. Not Using the Right Words. As you know for your Carmel SEO, keywords are extremely important.  However, make sure you construct proper keyword research ahead of time.  There are tools out there for this, such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool and KeywordSpy.
  2. Breaking the Website. This primarily happens by not redirecting pages properly.  If you decide to move your site’s content, use 301 redirecting instead of 302.  302 does not pass on any link authority.  What’s the use in working hard on generating content and gaining links if they won’t even be picked up by Google?
  3. Failure to Gather Intel. Numbers have not and will not lie.  By using metrics, you will be able to gather an idea of what works and what does not work.  First, gather a baseline reading.  How many social media followers do you currently have?  How many links?  Then, track your marketing campaign over time to see how these numbers either improve or not.
  4. Believing SEO Myths. Don’t let your Carmel SEO tank because you are buying into the myths out there.  There are a bunch of myths floating around, including some of the following: SEO is only a 1 time activity, you will get penalized by Google for duplicate content, URLs should always be ended in .html, and .edu links receive extra significance.  Stay informed, question the information you come in contact with, and don’t believe everything you hear.