Tips on How To Up Your Fishers SEO Ranking on Google

If you want to totally blow your Fishers SEO rankings out of the water, you need to make sure everything is perfect for your next website article.  How does one accomplish this, you ask?  Well, by thoroughly going through a checklist and making sure every single thing has been completed.

1407799223-1-advanced-webmaster-tools-should-using-better-seoFollow the checklist below before you publish your next piece of content and watch your SEO rankings soar.

  1. Focus on a Good Keyword. The focus here is to simply select which word or phrase you want your particular post to show up for.  The best way to do this is to find out what people are actually searching for on that associated topic.  Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that can be used to find out an estimate of how many times people are searching for that particular word or phrase.  For your Fishers SEO, for example, perhaps you want to publish an article about the best local restaurants. Run a search for various keywords and phrases such as “best fishers restaurants” or “top restaurants in fishers” and see which one has the highest search rate.
  2. Research your Competition and Write the Best Content. Before you publish anything, make sure you are aware of the competition.  Put your browser in private mode, and see what the top 10 results are that pop up.  These folks are your competitors; what are they doing that is working? What are they doing that isn’t working?  Now you must post even better content than what you find.
  3. Put the Keyword in Your Title, Header, Name & Alt-Tag of Image, URL, and in your Post. Doing all of this shows google exactly what your post is about, leaving nothing up to the imagination.
  4. Insert Internal Links. In order for people to truly care about your stuff, you want to talk about your best content.  This is why you should have various internal links on your articles to link them to other awesome articles on your site.  This might mean you need to go back and edit old content to make sure it is up to date and well written.
  5. External Links. This is the most important step out of all of them, as Google relies most heavily on external links to determine how good an article is. If you think about it, it makes total sense.  Anyone can talk about how great they are; it is when other people start agreeing and bragging on you too that you gain real credibility.  So, follow the above tips and complete it with link-building and you will be sure to have high ranking Fishers SEO.