How to Promote Your Fishers SEO YouTube Videos

By June 24, 2016 Marketing No Comments

Incorporating YouTube videos into your Fishers SEO is always a good idea.  As you are well aware, YouTube has become the single most popular site where people watch short clips and videos.  These videos range from ‘how to’s’ to clips of TV shows to people showcasing talent to companies promoting their products and services.  YouTube is a great way to reach millions of people with information about your products or services.  Just think how many more people could be exposed to your brand, if only you incorporated and properly promoted your YouTube content.  Read on to see how to best accomplish this.

20150611191535-5-youtube-marketing-lessons-unlikely-sourcesThe first strategy is to utilize the tools that YouTube provides and are directly available, such as including a great title.  A great title needs to contain keywords as well as be detailed.  Along with this will come the description of your video.  Keywords will be present here as well, as these are the ‘tags’ for your Fishers SEO.  The next strategy is to incorporate a call to action within your video content.  A call to action will direct people to share your videos, as well as like them, comment on them, and rate them.  In addition to this, you can also direct your family, friends, customers and clients to do the same.  The more people that are watching and sharing, the higher your rankings will go.

Another strategy is to utilize social media in order to promote your YouTube videos.  You can post the links on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages. All of the followers you have on these pages will see the links and be encouraged to share them within those sites as well.  In addition to your social media sites, you should also post these video links to your company’s website and blog, as well as send them out via e-blasts to your existing customers.

You can continue promoting your YouTube video content by using public relations (PR) techniques.  PR techniques include using press releases, reporters, producers, editors, and contacting bloggers for free media coverage.  This is a great way to leverage your relationships in order to gain mainstream media exposure.  You obviously want to select blogs and people of relevance to your brand, product, or service for your Fishers SEO.  The final strategy you can implement to best promote your Fishers SEO YouTube videos is to purchase keyword advertising.  This can be done on Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, and Bing.  There are cost effective ways to accomplish this and it is a very proficient way to promote your video content.