How to Maximize Your Outreach to Create Great Link Building

By June 22, 2016 SEO, SEO Strategies No Comments

As you are surely aware for your Noblesville SEO, having great backlinks is one of the several keys to success.  In order to obtain real, authentic, content-worthy backlinks, you must reach out to other human beings.  There is no getting around this one, as outreach is the only way to keep Google from thinking you are up to no good with spammy content.

Outreach-Preparation-Meets-PersuasionGoogle knows exactly how to detect spammy backlink tactics, and will be sure to put you in your place if you try and go there. In order to create great link building and incorporate it into your Noblesville SEO, you must maximize your outreach.  There are two ways in which this is accomplished: preparation and persuasion.


Just like you wouldn’t hop on a plane to Paris without first packing a bag, you shouldn’t expect to effectively outreach to gain backlinks without first doing some research.  Being well versed in what you are communicating will equip you with a persuasive argument.  Researching and planning ahead helps you to have a good foundation prior to outreach, increasing your chances for success by keeping the process as simple as possible.

The three things to really understand before you commence outreach for your backlink campaign are:

  • the value to your audience
  • the website you are contacting, and
  • the person and their motivation.


This is going to be your main selling point to your audience.  Why should they link to your page?  You must provide them with tangible value for their company and let them know exactly how it will benefit them.

Understand the Website

Knowing that the site will truly benefit from linking to your site is a must, however there are a few  more questions you can ask yourself in order to make your outreach as successful as possible.  For example, why does that particular site exist?  To whom is the site targeting primarily?  How does this site profit financially?  Is it from goods, services, etc?  What are their current relationships with other sties? What does this site do in order to serve its audience? Does it provide external resources such as audios, videos, blog posts, etc?

The Person & Their Motivation

Last but not least, you must be well informed of the site’s primary contact you will be emailing.  This person is most likely the decision maker, and your ability to persuade them to link to your site all hinges on the connection you form and build with him or her.  Make sure you are contacting the appropriate person and get to know them by interacting with them for awhile.  You can follow him or her on social media, comment on their sites and posts, interact on their favorite forums, subscribe to their newsletters, and so forth.  Put all of these practices into play and you have all of the tools you need for effective outreach in order to build great backlinks for your Noblesville SEO.