Boost Your Rankings with the Help of TLDs

TLDs (top-level domains) such as .LIVE or .NEWS have always been a controversial topic in the world of SEO. Some experts would say that TLDs help boost rankings with little work from you while others would claim that .COM domains are the better option for SEO. We wanted to settle this argument once and for all, so we consulted some of the SEO wizards at Indianapolis SEO to see what they had to say about this disputed topic.

attorneykeys-800x450To properly measure TLDs Indianapolis SEO used .ATTORNEY as the main test subject in the area of legal services. This study showed that when an Indianapolis based lawyer switched his website from a .COM to a .ATTORNEY domain his search rankings for multiple competitive keywords skyrocketed within a short few months. This is especially remarkable when you consider the fact that 78 of Google’s 100 most expensive keywords are related to legal services. This means that the lawyer got a significant boost in his search rankings without spending a lot of time or money. So what is the significance for sites not related to legal services that are considering making the switch to TLD?

CostPerClickExample-800x164This study proved that TLDs can be highly beneficial when used correctly in certain markets. Before making the switch to a TLD I would first recommend you do some research. Research the competitive keywords in your market and how your website ranks with them. It is also important that you consider your market and target audience to make sure that this kind of switch would indeed help boost your rankings.

TrafficBefore-800x304TLDs can seem confusing, so if you still find yourself unsure about making the change even after doing the proper research, I would advise calling a professional. SEO companies such as Indianapolis SEO specialize in helping webmasters determine which digital marketing strategies will most benefit their website. They can help better explain TLDs and their advantages and aid you as you make the switch if you decide to move forward.

TrafficAfter-800x304TLDs can be beneficial if used correctly. Make sure you do your research beforehand to ensure that a TLD would help your website more than a standard .COM domain.