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Tips on How To Up Your Fishers SEO Ranking on Google

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If you want to totally blow your Fishers SEO rankings out of the water, you need to make sure everything is perfect for your next website article.  How does one accomplish this, you ask?  Well, by thoroughly going through a checklist and making sure every single thing has been completed.

1407799223-1-advanced-webmaster-tools-should-using-better-seoFollow the checklist below before you publish your next piece of content and watch your SEO rankings soar.

  1. Focus on a Good Keyword. The focus here is to simply select which word or phrase you want your particular post to show up for.  The best way to do this is to find out what people are actually searching for on that associated topic.  Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that can be used to find out an estimate of how many times people are searching for that particular word or phrase.  For your Fishers SEO, for example, perhaps you want to publish an article about the best local restaurants. Run a search for various keywords and phrases such as “best fishers restaurants” or “top restaurants in fishers” and see which one has the highest search rate.
  2. Research your Competition and Write the Best Content. Before you publish anything, make sure you are aware of the competition.  Put your browser in private mode, and see what the top 10 results are that pop up.  These folks are your competitors; what are they doing that is working? What are they doing that isn’t working?  Now you must post even better content than what you find.
  3. Put the Keyword in Your Title, Header, Name & Alt-Tag of Image, URL, and in your Post. Doing all of this shows google exactly what your post is about, leaving nothing up to the imagination.
  4. Insert Internal Links. In order for people to truly care about your stuff, you want to talk about your best content.  This is why you should have various internal links on your articles to link them to other awesome articles on your site.  This might mean you need to go back and edit old content to make sure it is up to date and well written.
  5. External Links. This is the most important step out of all of them, as Google relies most heavily on external links to determine how good an article is. If you think about it, it makes total sense.  Anyone can talk about how great they are; it is when other people start agreeing and bragging on you too that you gain real credibility.  So, follow the above tips and complete it with link-building and you will be sure to have high ranking Fishers SEO.

How to Promote Your Fishers SEO YouTube Videos

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Incorporating YouTube videos into your Fishers SEO is always a good idea.  As you are well aware, YouTube has become the single most popular site where people watch short clips and videos.  These videos range from ‘how to’s’ to clips of TV shows to people showcasing talent to companies promoting their products and services.  YouTube is a great way to reach millions of people with information about your products or services.  Just think how many more people could be exposed to your brand, if only you incorporated and properly promoted your YouTube content.  Read on to see how to best accomplish this.

20150611191535-5-youtube-marketing-lessons-unlikely-sourcesThe first strategy is to utilize the tools that YouTube provides and are directly available, such as including a great title.  A great title needs to contain keywords as well as be detailed.  Along with this will come the description of your video.  Keywords will be present here as well, as these are the ‘tags’ for your Fishers SEO.  The next strategy is to incorporate a call to action within your video content.  A call to action will direct people to share your videos, as well as like them, comment on them, and rate them.  In addition to this, you can also direct your family, friends, customers and clients to do the same.  The more people that are watching and sharing, the higher your rankings will go.

Another strategy is to utilize social media in order to promote your YouTube videos.  You can post the links on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages. All of the followers you have on these pages will see the links and be encouraged to share them within those sites as well.  In addition to your social media sites, you should also post these video links to your company’s website and blog, as well as send them out via e-blasts to your existing customers.

You can continue promoting your YouTube video content by using public relations (PR) techniques.  PR techniques include using press releases, reporters, producers, editors, and contacting bloggers for free media coverage.  This is a great way to leverage your relationships in order to gain mainstream media exposure.  You obviously want to select blogs and people of relevance to your brand, product, or service for your Fishers SEO.  The final strategy you can implement to best promote your Fishers SEO YouTube videos is to purchase keyword advertising.  This can be done on Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, and Bing.  There are cost effective ways to accomplish this and it is a very proficient way to promote your video content.

How to Maximize Your Outreach to Create Great Link Building

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As you are surely aware for your Noblesville SEO, having great backlinks is one of the several keys to success.  In order to obtain real, authentic, content-worthy backlinks, you must reach out to other human beings.  There is no getting around this one, as outreach is the only way to keep Google from thinking you are up to no good with spammy content.

Outreach-Preparation-Meets-PersuasionGoogle knows exactly how to detect spammy backlink tactics, and will be sure to put you in your place if you try and go there. In order to create great link building and incorporate it into your Noblesville SEO, you must maximize your outreach.  There are two ways in which this is accomplished: preparation and persuasion.


Just like you wouldn’t hop on a plane to Paris without first packing a bag, you shouldn’t expect to effectively outreach to gain backlinks without first doing some research.  Being well versed in what you are communicating will equip you with a persuasive argument.  Researching and planning ahead helps you to have a good foundation prior to outreach, increasing your chances for success by keeping the process as simple as possible.

The three things to really understand before you commence outreach for your backlink campaign are:

  • the value to your audience
  • the website you are contacting, and
  • the person and their motivation.


This is going to be your main selling point to your audience.  Why should they link to your page?  You must provide them with tangible value for their company and let them know exactly how it will benefit them.

Understand the Website

Knowing that the site will truly benefit from linking to your site is a must, however there are a few  more questions you can ask yourself in order to make your outreach as successful as possible.  For example, why does that particular site exist?  To whom is the site targeting primarily?  How does this site profit financially?  Is it from goods, services, etc?  What are their current relationships with other sties? What does this site do in order to serve its audience? Does it provide external resources such as audios, videos, blog posts, etc?

The Person & Their Motivation

Last but not least, you must be well informed of the site’s primary contact you will be emailing.  This person is most likely the decision maker, and your ability to persuade them to link to your site all hinges on the connection you form and build with him or her.  Make sure you are contacting the appropriate person and get to know them by interacting with them for awhile.  You can follow him or her on social media, comment on their sites and posts, interact on their favorite forums, subscribe to their newsletters, and so forth.  Put all of these practices into play and you have all of the tools you need for effective outreach in order to build great backlinks for your Noblesville SEO.

How to Make Social Media Truly Impact your Noblesville SEO

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Many people understand the wide benefits to using social media in order to enhance their SEO.  You can do this to for your Noblesville SEO company, as social media is a tried and true way to spread news amongst potential customers.

socialmedia-998990-pxb-1920There is no need to reinvent the wheel here, all you need to know is how to optimize social media and use it to build your brand, leveraging relationships, and aid in delivering excellent customer service.

Use Social Media to Build Your Brand

The first way to really use social media to impact your Noblesvville SEO is by utilizing it to build your brand.  Even though your company’s reputation and brand recognition do not directly affect ranking factors, it has been shown that it can indirectly impact them.  Regardless, it is best to avoid this as to not lower your ranking factors by something that can easily be fixed.  By using your social media presence to its fullest potential, you can put a positive stamp on your SEO.

People are more likely to link and follow a site they trust.  Having a strong social media presence will increase your trustworthiness and credibility right away.  The more people share your tweets, Facebook posts, etc. the more people are going to be impacted by your brand.

Use Social Media to Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Nowadays, when people have questions about a company or product or are dissatisfied, they are turning to the web as a resource.  Many companies are responding well to this.  Because of this greater customer/company interaction, both SEO and customer service are growing.  Go out of your way to really wow your customers through social media use, whether it is responding directly to a customer, sharing their posted experience about you, and conducting live Q&A sessions.

Leverage Your Relationships Through Social Media

Lastly, leveraging your relationships should also be a focus.  Links do not happen solely from people seeing your content.  Curators and content creators need to get the links and share them in order to spread brand awareness.  Connecting with others and building your relationships are a way to make this happen and boost your Noblesville SEO.  Ask people for their opinions, collaborate with other content creators, and then coordinate when certain content will be promoted and spread.  Lastly, once this is done, you can use your social media accounts to ask people for their feedback.  This will drive traffic as well as create even more content on your page, ultimately increasing your rankings and boosting your SEO.

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the World of SEO

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It’s no secret that Artificial Intelligence is gaining power, especially in the realm of SEO. For example, Google now uses the artificial intelligence machine called RankBrain to help rank webpages and compose  search results. With all these advancements in artificial intelligence and its growing impact on SEO, many webmasters have begun making the proper adjustments to their digital marketing strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition.

shutterstock_330496148If you have not yet started altering your strategies in light of the developments in artificial intelligence, it’s time to begin doing so. Don’t let your SEO suffer, use our tips provided by Indianapolis SEO to get started and stay ahead of your competitors!

1It’s safe to assume that RankBrain is just the beginning of artificial intelligence being used to classify and rank websites. Therefore, it is crucial for SEOs to be aware of how RankBrain operates and judges their sites. RankBrain is a major part of Google’s ranking algorithm as it helps decide which websites are relevant and which ones aren’t. While not much is known about RankBrain, it has already significantly altered the way we approach SEO.

2Gone are the days when you could “trick” Google into ranking your website well. RankBrain examines each site and determines its quality. Low quality websites that are not relevant to web users are weeded out and bumped off the search engine rankings.

3Essentially, SEOs need to stop trying to scam their way to a top ranking spot and start focusing their efforts on overall user experience. Your tactics should revolve around making your site as user-friendly as possible through quick loading times, easy navigation, and interesting content. If your site includes all these things and is consistently being updated with fresh and new ideas, then it should have no problem ranking well no matter what artificial intelligence machines Google decides to utilize in the future. Bottom line: stop using spammy tactics and start making your site user-friendly.

And, if for whatever reason you still are uneasy about RankBrain, SEO, and the future of artificial intelligence, I would recommend hiring an SEO company that specializes in current SEO trends. Companies such as Indianapolis SEO will be able to guide you through the ever-changing world of SEO and allow you to focus on other aspects of your site.

Boost Your Rankings with the Help of TLDs

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TLDs (top-level domains) such as .LIVE or .NEWS have always been a controversial topic in the world of SEO. Some experts would say that TLDs help boost rankings with little work from you while others would claim that .COM domains are the better option for SEO. We wanted to settle this argument once and for all, so we consulted some of the SEO wizards at Indianapolis SEO to see what they had to say about this disputed topic.

attorneykeys-800x450To properly measure TLDs Indianapolis SEO used .ATTORNEY as the main test subject in the area of legal services. This study showed that when an Indianapolis based lawyer switched his website from a .COM to a .ATTORNEY domain his search rankings for multiple competitive keywords skyrocketed within a short few months. This is especially remarkable when you consider the fact that 78 of Google’s 100 most expensive keywords are related to legal services. This means that the lawyer got a significant boost in his search rankings without spending a lot of time or money. So what is the significance for sites not related to legal services that are considering making the switch to TLD?

CostPerClickExample-800x164This study proved that TLDs can be highly beneficial when used correctly in certain markets. Before making the switch to a TLD I would first recommend you do some research. Research the competitive keywords in your market and how your website ranks with them. It is also important that you consider your market and target audience to make sure that this kind of switch would indeed help boost your rankings.

TrafficBefore-800x304TLDs can seem confusing, so if you still find yourself unsure about making the change even after doing the proper research, I would advise calling a professional. SEO companies such as Indianapolis SEO specialize in helping webmasters determine which digital marketing strategies will most benefit their website. They can help better explain TLDs and their advantages and aid you as you make the switch if you decide to move forward.

TrafficAfter-800x304TLDs can be beneficial if used correctly. Make sure you do your research beforehand to ensure that a TLD would help your website more than a standard .COM domain.

Three Easy Ways to Attract More Links to Your Site

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Getting other websites to link to your site can be difficult, especially if you’ve had little experience with link building.

20160309162330-woman-laptop-computer-internet-blogger-digital-workingBelow we’ve listed three easy ways you can attract more links to your website and ultimately increase site traffic:

  1. Create better content.

If you aren’t satisfied with the number of links to your site, then its time to make some changes. One of the easiest ways to increase the number of links to your site is by creating better content for your website. The main reason people probably aren’t citing your site is because they do not like your content. There may be a number of reasons for this, but it’s most likely that your content isn’t high enough quality. Solid content must be well-researched, informative, succinct yet detailed and interesting. If your content does not fulfill this criteria then its time to start writing better. If you look through your content and still can’t figure out why people aren’t linking to your site it may be time to call a professional. Try contacting a reputable SEO company such as Fishers SEO that specializes in link-building to help you through this process.

  1. Share your content.

Creating high quality content is only one part of attracting links to your site. Having the best content won’t matter much if no one sees it, and unless you are a major website with millions of followers who will share your content as soon as you publish it you need to be promoting the content yourself. This means sharing it on all social media outlets to make users aware of the new content you’ve added to your site. Getting your relevant content out to potential site visitors will help your website gain traffic and should ultimately improve your link-building. Again, if you feel a little overwhelmed with the sharing process and aren’t sure where to start, SEO companies such as Fishers SEO will be able to guide you through the content promoting process.

  1. Broaden your tactics.

As long as you are actively doing the two steps listed above, your website should attract a good amount of links. However, if you still are not happy with your results, it may be time to rethink your tactics and broaden the strategies you use. Are you exhausting all outlets? Are you doing enough link-building? Are you consistently creating fresh, new content to attract a larger audience? There is always room for improvement, so comb through your digital marketing plan and see where your SEO is lacking.

How to Gain More Site Traffic Through Better Website Navigation

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User experience is becoming increasingly important in the world of search engine optimization (SEO) and it’s changing the way many websites approach their digital marketing plans. Seemingly small aspects of your site such as website navigation has gotten a higher priority in an effort to improve overall user experience and ultimately boost site rankings.

navigation-optimization-simple-stepsIn this article, we’ve provided you with a few simple ways you can improve your site navigation to enhance overall user experience. A special thanks to Fishers SEO for providing the information listed below.

  1. Do your keyword research.

Before you can start making changes you need to first collect user data. You can begin collecting user data by doing your keyword research. The goal of keyword research is to collect all the relevant topics from your site. As you compile your topic list, try to think of each individual page as its own separate topic. For example, if you have a jewelry site your topics may be necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc. However, your topics shouldn’t end there. You also should have subcategories that help customers find more specific types of jewelry. These can be divided up in a number of different ways, but you could start by the style of jewelry (i.e. pendant necklaces, multi-chain or chokers). Try to think of creative ways to help users better navigate your pages. Remember, it’s all about user experience!

  1. Organize your pages.

Once you’ve collected all your keywords or topics, it’s time to begin organizing your pages. You first need to determine which pages are your top-level pages and then divide them into two sections: company-focused and customer-focused.

company-focused-navigationYour site should include both company-focused and customer-focused top-level pages to help users find the information they need. Company-focused topics include about us, contact us, blog, etc. Customer-focused pages include the various products or services your company may offer. Next, you need to determine which pages will be your secondary-level pages to figure out which topics will be your subcategories. Remember, you want to be specific in order to help site visitors better navigate your website but you don’t want to overwhelm them. It is a delicate balance so make sure you don’t rush through this process.

customer-focused-navigation-760x127If you find yourself struggling through this process and think you may need an expert opinion I’d recommend contacting a knowledgeable SEO company such as Fishers SEO. They’ll be able to guide you through the various steps and answer any questions you may have.

I hope the information provided above helps you as you reorganize your site navigation in an effort to improve user experience!