The Importance of Mobile SEO

By May 18, 2016 SEO, SEO Strategies No Comments

It is a common misconception among users that because paid advertisements appear at the top of search listings on mobile devices that they are more valuable than organic search listings. However, even though organic results appear below the paid ads, this does not mean that they are less beneficial for your website traffic.

ss-mobile-seo-800x450In fact, just the opposite is true. Although paid ads are listed at the very top, studies have shown that the first organic listing still gets 73% more clicks from mobile users than the top two paid ads combined. This means that even though paid advertising has gotten stronger over the years, organic listings are still considered to be more profitable for your website. However, there are few things to remember concerning the paid ad and organic listing relationship:

Screenshot_20160428-145815-338x600First, it is important to remember that although organic search results are more valuable for search traffic, most mobile users will only click on the first four organic search listings. This is due to the smaller screen on a mobile device. Many mobile users don’t want to take the time to scroll through the entire first page of results on Google, so the majority will click on the first four organic listings. This little fact is all the more reason to ramp up your mobile search engine optimization (SEO). Getting in the top four spots on the Google search results will guarantee consistently high levels of website traffic without requiring you to pay for advertisements.

Next, paid advertisement has historically done better in branded searches whereas organic results were clicked on more often for non-branded searches. So what does this mean? Both branded and non-branded clicks are valuable in their own way but most digital marketers would agree that non-branded traffic is far more beneficial. This is due to the fact that non-brand clients are not yet loyal to a specific brand or company and therefore have the potential to go with any of the search results listed.

I believe that most reputable SEO companies would agree with the above assessment of paid advertisement vs. organic listings. While paid ads can be valuable in some cases, I believe in most scenarios working on your SEO to improve your organic listings is the most beneficial, especially in relation to mobile devices. My best advice would be to continue to improve your mobile SEO and not give into the temptation to rely on paid advertisements to bring in mobile traffic.