Increase Search Traffic with Smarter Keyword Research

Having relevant content on your pages is one of the easiest ways to attract users to your site. But are you getting the most out of your content? Writing informative and engaging content is a very important aspect of SEO, but if you aren’t doing the proper research beforehand, you are selling yourself short. It is crucial that prior to creating content you research your target keywords in order to make sure you are selecting the best words or phrases.

optimize-contentYou can do this by utilizing a tool such as Ahrefs. Ahrefs allows you to check search volumes and the competition for each keyword to help you make an informed decision. But that’s not all! By using a tool such as Ahrefs, you can also see similar keywords that Google considers to be a part of the same topic and therefore are virtually equal. You see, it is no longer beneficial to look for one or two strong keywords for you page and use those when creating content. Google has the ability to identify similar keywords and group them into a broader topic, giving you more options for your target keywords. So now, instead of focusing your attention on a few words, it is better if you look for target phrases or topics when creating content. This will allow you to reach a larger audience than if you were to simply focus on a couple specific words.

Ahrefs-4-13Bottom line is, when creating content, try to provide the most relevant and helpful information concerning your topic. It’s no secret that Google has evolved substantially over the past few years, making it increasingly difficult for site to trick their way to the top of the search rankings. Instead of focusing on target keywords, try to direct your efforts toward creating the most valuable content you can make. By doing this, not only will you provide users with relevant information but you will also improve your search rankings as Google crawls your site and recognizes the quality of your work. It is evident now that topics can be more valuable than individual keywords, so write some high quality content about your target topic and you should be good to go!