Why Metrics is Hurting Your SEO

Thanks to the numerous search engine optimization (SEO) tools available to digital marketers today, we now have access to a vast amount of data related to our sites’ SEO. However, some people can become blinded by the metrics involved in SEO and they forget the most important principle: it’s all about the user! Yes, the numbers involved with your SEO efforts can be highly beneficial and you should definitely be tracking them, but it is important not to get too obsessed with all the numbers.

mad-data-scientist-ss-1920-800x450SEO exists to help websites generate more traffic and get the most relevant information to users as quickly as possible. However, it is easy to get so caught up in all of the metrics of SEO that you forget about the user all together. While authority metrics is important when getting good links to your site, it isn’t all that matters. Relevancy is just as important if you are hoping to get more clicks to your site. You want to present users with the information they are looking for in the hopes of generating more traffic and ultimately boosting your site rankings. Linking to sites with high Domain Authorities that aren’t relevant to the information you are providing on your website won’t do you much good.

While metrics can be extremely helpful in the world of SEO it is important not to focus too much on them. If you fear that you have been making this mistake, try to shift your attention to some other equally valuable aspects of SEO. For example, maybe you could try utilizing some different digital marketing tools that you hadn’t used before such as a private blog network. Or perhaps you could direct your attention to some of the internal features of your site to help increase web traffic.

Having interesting and informative content on your site is one of the most crucial aspects of good SEO. Make sure you are constantly updating your site, providing users with up to date information that is engaging and helpful.

Lastly, to ensure your site is user-friendly it must first become mobile-friendly. More and more people are opting to use their cellphones instead of a computer when conducting an internet search. Check your site to make sure it is compatible with all mobile devices and that it runs smoothly without any difficulties.

Remember, all aspects of SEO are beneficial and it is important not to get too obsessed with just one part!