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Google Launches New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

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On May 12th, Google released the latest update to its algorithm, which gives mobile-friendly sites a boost in the Google ranking system. We’ve know about this update for a while, as Google announced back in March that it would be making some changes to its algorithm in order to encourage digital marketers to make their sites more mobile-friendly. However, it has been stressed that if your site is already compatible with mobile devices, this update should have little to no impact on your rankings and, if anything, should improve how your website performs in the search results.

google-iphone-mobile-ss-1920-800x450This update was designed to reward those who are mobile-friendly and penalize those who are not. If your site is not already mobile-friendly you need to change it ASAP. It’s no secret that the majority of internet users are opting to search the web on their mobile device instead of a desktop computer. This means if your website is not mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on a lot of potential traffic. Here are a few ways you can make your site more appealing to mobile users and improve your search engine optimization (SEO) once you make the switch:

  1. Make your site easy to navigate.

Nothing is more frustrating to mobile-users than a complicated website that is difficult to navigate. My best advice for mobile websites is to simplify them as much as possible. Avoid the temptation to over complicate and try to take out any unnecessary information. Remember, people who visit your site from a mobile device are viewing it on a much smaller screen, so things that might look great on a computer oftentimes will appear cramped and overwhelming on a mobile device. Try to make your information as succinct as possible without sacrificing content quality.

  1. Do everything you can to ensure fast loading times.

This is just as important as having an easy to navigate site. Simplifying your site does nothing if your pages load slowly. People want to get their information as fast as possible, and if your site takes more than a few seconds to load they’ll get frustrated and look elsewhere. You can ensure fast loading times by getting rid of any pop ups that may appear and by utilizing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). However, it is important to remember that AMP is still in the beginning stages, so make sure you do your research before taking the time to switch over.

How to Have SEO Success in 2016

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The world of search engine optimization (SEO) is forever changing and, as a result, ensuring successful SEO is getting increasingly difficult.

573504c8c92333.42360120However, our digital marketing experts in Indianapolis have compiled a list of some of the top SEO tactics for 2016 to help you as you navigate the digital marketing realm.

  1. Focus on content

Just like in years past, having high quality content is one of the most important aspects of successful search engine optimization. You want to provide site visitors with the most relevant and interesting information possible. That means consistently updating your site with fresh and exciting content.

  1. Don’t forget about link-building

Link-building is another crucial part of SEO that can give your site an extra boost in the search rankings. Linking your site with other reputable sites in your field will help you gain exposure and credibility. You can also utilize tools such as private blog networks to ensure the best possible results.

  1. Utilize social media

Almost every person who uses the internet is involved on one of the many social media outlets. This makes social media one of the most valuable marketing tools available to SEOs. I’ve said this many times before, but if you aren’t already taking advantage of the numerous benefits of social media marketing, you need to start doing so ASAP. You can use sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to advertise and gain exposure for your website.

  1. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly and loads quickly

This is now more important than ever, as Google just recently released an update to its algorithm to encourage webmasters to make their sites mobile-friendly. If you don’t already have a mobile-site, it’s time to make one right away. And if you do already have one, you need to make sure it is easy to navigate and has fast loading times. Simplify your site to make it more mobile friendly and take off anything that might slow it down. If you mobile site takes more than a few seconds to load, you will definitely loose a substantial amount of website traffic.


Meta Title Tags for SEO Explained

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What are meta title tags and why are they important? Many SEO novices have no idea what meta title tags are and the important role they play in search engine optimization.

However, before we can explain the importance of a meta title tag, we first need to define what it is. A meta title tag is located in the <head> section of your HTML and looks like this:

Example Title

Once you submit information into this title tag, it will show up in multiple locations, such as the web browser tab, the search engine results and whenever anyone shares your link on a social media website.

title-tag-in-browserSo you can see why these title tags are so important. The information you enter in your meta title tag will almost always appear whenever someone searches for your site and therefore has a huge impact on the amount of traffic your website receives.

Methods-Unsound-title-tag-So how do you make sure you write a good meta title tag? Our digital marketers have complied a quick list for you to look over before writing your title tags.

methods-unsound-Google-SearchThe Six Rules of Title Tags:

  1. Title tags should be 50-60 characters long, including spaces.
  2. Title tags should be unique for every page of your site.
  3. Title tags should describe the content on the page.
  4. Title tags should always include your company name.
  5. Title tags should have the most important keywords at the beginning.
  6. Title tags should be different from your headline.

For example, let’s say you were advertising good pizza in Indianapolis. A good title tag for this could be something like: Best Pizza In Indianapolis: 12 Restaurants You Need to Visit.

Meta title tags are one of the more basic aspects of SEO but they still have a huge impact on the success or failure of your website. Having poorly written title tags can severely hinder your site’s web traffic potential. Even if you wrote your title tags a long time ago, I would encourage you to go back and review each of them to ensure they are written correctly and are still relevant.

Understanding SEO

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Trying to take on search engine optimization (SEO) can seem rather scary and daunting, especially for an SEO novice. However, here at Carmel Indiana SEO, one of our goals is to better educate the general public concerning SEO tactics to help them make informed decisions regarding their digital marketing. In this article, we’ll explain SEO and one of its most important aspects, good content.

1393282662-3-strategies-keep-website-relevant-googleSEO is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, SEO involves optimizing your website so that it ranks well in the search engines and because Google is the most popular search engine on the web, most SEO tactics are geared toward ranking well in Google.

So what are some of the basic practices of good SEO? SEO is always changing, which means so are the strategies used to ensure success. However, there are some tactics that have remained relatively unchanged over the years despite the many updates that have taken place in digital marketing.  One of these tactics is writing and publishing high quality content to your site. Our offices at Carmel Indiana SEO try to stress the importance of having good content to all of our clients. Writing relevant and interesting content to your site will not only help you climb the search rankings but will also attract more people to your site. An SEO company will use LSI keywords in your content to help it climb the search rankings. LSI, or Latent semantic indexing, is used by search engines to find synonyms for the keywords you use.

Keywords are the most important words used in content as they are the words people use when they search for information related to your site. However, it is important to remember that key phrases are more beneficial to use then keywords because they are more specific. For example, if you Googled “pizza”, a large amount of different sites will appear in the search results, but if you search specifically for best pizza in Indianapolis, restaurants with the tastiest pizza in Indianapolis would pop up at the top. This is an example of how the phrases people use when searching for your site can greatly alter the results that are presented with. Therefore, using key phrases will help you reach a larger audience that is interested in the information your website provides.

I hope this information helps you as you try to better understand SEO and its practices! If you every have any questions regarding digital marketing, feel free to contact one of our experts at Carmel Indiana SEO. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

The Importance of Mobile SEO

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It is a common misconception among users that because paid advertisements appear at the top of search listings on mobile devices that they are more valuable than organic search listings. However, even though organic results appear below the paid ads, this does not mean that they are less beneficial for your website traffic.

ss-mobile-seo-800x450In fact, just the opposite is true. Although paid ads are listed at the very top, studies have shown that the first organic listing still gets 73% more clicks from mobile users than the top two paid ads combined. This means that even though paid advertising has gotten stronger over the years, organic listings are still considered to be more profitable for your website. However, there are few things to remember concerning the paid ad and organic listing relationship:

Screenshot_20160428-145815-338x600First, it is important to remember that although organic search results are more valuable for search traffic, most mobile users will only click on the first four organic search listings. This is due to the smaller screen on a mobile device. Many mobile users don’t want to take the time to scroll through the entire first page of results on Google, so the majority will click on the first four organic listings. This little fact is all the more reason to ramp up your mobile search engine optimization (SEO). Getting in the top four spots on the Google search results will guarantee consistently high levels of website traffic without requiring you to pay for advertisements.

Next, paid advertisement has historically done better in branded searches whereas organic results were clicked on more often for non-branded searches. So what does this mean? Both branded and non-branded clicks are valuable in their own way but most digital marketers would agree that non-branded traffic is far more beneficial. This is due to the fact that non-brand clients are not yet loyal to a specific brand or company and therefore have the potential to go with any of the search results listed.

I believe that most reputable SEO companies would agree with the above assessment of paid advertisement vs. organic listings. While paid ads can be valuable in some cases, I believe in most scenarios working on your SEO to improve your organic listings is the most beneficial, especially in relation to mobile devices. My best advice would be to continue to improve your mobile SEO and not give into the temptation to rely on paid advertisements to bring in mobile traffic.

How to Have Marketing Success on LinkedIn

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Most business owners utilize social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn but the majority are not using these outlets properly, especially the site LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social networking website designed specifically for businesses, helping them form strong relationships with other corporations via the internet.

LinkedIn-Global-penetration_LinkedInHowever, many business owners miss out on all the benefits LinkedIn has to offer by using it improperly. In this article, we’ll outline some of the ways you can use LinkedIn to help your business reach its full marketing potential.

  1. Make your profile page professional yet interesting.

You want to make sure your profile page is professional without being boring. This can be achieved through a few simple steps. First, make sure you pick a good profile picture. It should be a picture of only you, smiling, and with a silvery or red background. Next, you need to select a background picture for your page. You’ll have a little more freedom with this picture. You should pick a fun picture that represents you and your brand well. The worst thing you can do for your background picture is pick something boring or generic.

CZLJKT_LinkedIn_Geaorge-Clooney_600Lastly, to help guarantee more people notice your profile, you need to have as much relevant info as possible listed in your header and career windows. These keywords will show up when people search for them on the site’s search engine and will help more people find your page.

  1. Fill your profile with engaging content.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of your profile is your personal experience and career section. When filling in these sections, try not to focus too much on your current employer, but rather your past accomplishments and training. Remember, your personal LinkedIn page should be more about you than the company you work for. Also, one way to make your profile more interesting is through the addition of visual content. Adding things like pictures or videos will make your profile more attractive to viewers and keep them engaged on your page for a longer period of time.

Marketing yourself well to other business owners will, as a result, attract more people to your business page. This will in turn lead to an increase in website traffic which should ultimately result in a boost in profits.

Link- Building and the Future of SEO

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Like many search engine optimization (SEO) businesses, our SEO offices in Indianapolis are always looking for ways to improve their SEO tactics to stay ahead of the competition. As you can imagine, this is getting increasingly difficult to do, as more and more digital marketers are honing their skills in order to guarantee the best results for their sites. However, many SEOs don’t fully appreciate the importance of link-building and how much it can affect a site’s progress.

1396034963-ditch-spam-creating-ethical-seo-strategyIn order to ensure favorable marketing results, it is crucial for digital marketers to have an accurate understanding of link-building and the future of SEO.

How to guarantee successful link-building well into the future:

Build relationships with other businesses in your field.

This, unfortunately, can be more difficult than it sounds. With so many spam emails being sent to webmasters and business owners, trying to reach out via email in the hopes of forming some sort of relationship is almost always unsuccessful. Instead of reaching out using the typical outlets, try using a community-oriented blogging site. By utilizing one of these websites, you’ll be able to build relationships with other businesses much more quickly and smoothly.

Take advantage of all social media sites.

A large percentage of the population is involved on social media sites to some extent. Therefore, utilizing these sites to help improve your company’s marketing, specifically through the use of link-building, can be highly beneficial. Not only should you be getting backlinks on social media outlets, but you should also be including social-media sharing buttons on all content you publish.

Utilize link-building tools.

There are so many tools available to digital marketers today sometimes it may be a little overwhelming. However, that’s no excuse to not be using them. A favorite link-building tool among SEOs is called Common Backlinks Tool. This tool will help you determine whether or not a website is trustworthy before allowing your site to be linked to it. Another popular link-building/marketing tool is private blog networks. Private blog networks will help increase the number of links to your site and ultimately lead to and improvement in your SEO.

SEO and link-building are forever changing, and in order to ensure consistent success in the digital marketing world it is important to stay up to date on the latest advancements in search engine optimization. I hope the information provided above will help you as you continue to educate yourself on the latest link-building tactics.

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

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Make your site more mobile-friendly with these three easy steps!

  1. Simplify your Website.

Nothing can be more frustrating than a site that takes a long time to load and gives way too much information all at once. Remember, mobile users are looking at your site through a much smaller screen, so trying to cram a bunch of content on each page will probably lead to a lot of frustration and ultimately a decrease in website traffic. Try to make your information succinct while still being informative and interesting.


  1. Get Rid of Pop-Ups.

Seriously, just get rid of them. I’ve found that the majority of pop-ups are so annoying to deal with on a mobile device that many users just close out of the window as soon as one comes up. While pop-ups may be ok on a desktop computer, they are often rather obnoxious looking on a mobile device and oftentimes are very difficult to close out of. My best advice is just to get rid of them all together but if you must have them then try to simplify them as much as you can. Don’t require too much information from users and make sure the pop-ups are easy to get out of. If you can, have your pop-up appear only after a user has clicked on a link for it. That way, you know they are interested in the information being presented and are less likely to get frustrated.

  1. Utilize Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) were recently created by Google and a few of their partners. AMP sites load much faster and, as a result, get top priority in the Google search results in order to encourage web designers to create them. However, AMP is still in the beginning stages and there is a chance that it could end up being terminated. If you have enough time to create them and would like to use AMP on your site then I would say go for it. If you have a WordPress site, making the adjustments is fairly simple, as they provide you with a plug-in. And, if you don’t have a WordPress site, Google provides a tutorial on how to create AMP. That being said, I would advise most digital marketers to hold off for a bit before taking the time to make them.

Use these steps to help your site become more mobile-friendly and ultimately boost your rankings and web traffic!

Increase Search Traffic with Smarter Keyword Research

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Having relevant content on your pages is one of the easiest ways to attract users to your site. But are you getting the most out of your content? Writing informative and engaging content is a very important aspect of SEO, but if you aren’t doing the proper research beforehand, you are selling yourself short. It is crucial that prior to creating content you research your target keywords in order to make sure you are selecting the best words or phrases.

optimize-contentYou can do this by utilizing a tool such as Ahrefs. Ahrefs allows you to check search volumes and the competition for each keyword to help you make an informed decision. But that’s not all! By using a tool such as Ahrefs, you can also see similar keywords that Google considers to be a part of the same topic and therefore are virtually equal. You see, it is no longer beneficial to look for one or two strong keywords for you page and use those when creating content. Google has the ability to identify similar keywords and group them into a broader topic, giving you more options for your target keywords. So now, instead of focusing your attention on a few words, it is better if you look for target phrases or topics when creating content. This will allow you to reach a larger audience than if you were to simply focus on a couple specific words.

Ahrefs-4-13Bottom line is, when creating content, try to provide the most relevant and helpful information concerning your topic. It’s no secret that Google has evolved substantially over the past few years, making it increasingly difficult for site to trick their way to the top of the search rankings. Instead of focusing on target keywords, try to direct your efforts toward creating the most valuable content you can make. By doing this, not only will you provide users with relevant information but you will also improve your search rankings as Google crawls your site and recognizes the quality of your work. It is evident now that topics can be more valuable than individual keywords, so write some high quality content about your target topic and you should be good to go!

Why Metrics is Hurting Your SEO

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Thanks to the numerous search engine optimization (SEO) tools available to digital marketers today, we now have access to a vast amount of data related to our sites’ SEO. However, some people can become blinded by the metrics involved in SEO and they forget the most important principle: it’s all about the user! Yes, the numbers involved with your SEO efforts can be highly beneficial and you should definitely be tracking them, but it is important not to get too obsessed with all the numbers.

mad-data-scientist-ss-1920-800x450SEO exists to help websites generate more traffic and get the most relevant information to users as quickly as possible. However, it is easy to get so caught up in all of the metrics of SEO that you forget about the user all together. While authority metrics is important when getting good links to your site, it isn’t all that matters. Relevancy is just as important if you are hoping to get more clicks to your site. You want to present users with the information they are looking for in the hopes of generating more traffic and ultimately boosting your site rankings. Linking to sites with high Domain Authorities that aren’t relevant to the information you are providing on your website won’t do you much good.

While metrics can be extremely helpful in the world of SEO it is important not to focus too much on them. If you fear that you have been making this mistake, try to shift your attention to some other equally valuable aspects of SEO. For example, maybe you could try utilizing some different digital marketing tools that you hadn’t used before such as a private blog network. Or perhaps you could direct your attention to some of the internal features of your site to help increase web traffic.

Having interesting and informative content on your site is one of the most crucial aspects of good SEO. Make sure you are constantly updating your site, providing users with up to date information that is engaging and helpful.

Lastly, to ensure your site is user-friendly it must first become mobile-friendly. More and more people are opting to use their cellphones instead of a computer when conducting an internet search. Check your site to make sure it is compatible with all mobile devices and that it runs smoothly without any difficulties.

Remember, all aspects of SEO are beneficial and it is important not to get too obsessed with just one part!