The Future of SEO with Digital Assistants

By April 30, 2016 SEO, SEO Strategies No Comments

Many search experts have toyed with the idea of generating digital assistants to help improve search experiences for users, and now that idea is becoming more of a reality. The notion of a bot aiding people and interacting with other bots to help personalize online user experience is not as far-fetched as it once seemed.


Enterprise-E_LCARSRight now, our digital assistants are voice activated, these “assistants” are better known as Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri or Google Now. Voice searches are becoming increasingly popular as adjustments have been made to improve the accuracy of these services. The voice search’s intelligence increases every time it is used, making it the go-to option for many mobile users. In fact, it is estimated that by 2020, over 50% of searches will be conducted using voice search technology.

google-voice-searchSo what does this mean for search engine optimization? One of the biggest differences between a text search and a voice search is the wording. Because voice searching encourages people to be more conversational, when searching for a specific topic using voice search, users tend to be more wordy. For example, let’s say I was looking for takeout pizza in Indianapolis.

siri-is-halIf I was typing out my search all I would type would be “takeout pizza Indianapolis”, but if I used voice search instead I would be more descriptive and say something like “Find me takeout pizza in Indianapolis that will be ready quickly”. I’d use more words in my search in the hopes of finding a pizza place that fits my exact needs. This means, websites and their SEOs are going to need to be more specific in their digital marketing strategies. They should be aware of what potential clients’ needs are and how their site can best fulfill those needs.

While voice searching and digital assistants will likely evolve substantially over the next few years, it is crucial for digital marketers to stay ahead of their competitors and begin modifying their strategies to adapt to the imminent shift in the way people search. As voice search continues to gain popularity, it is now more important than ever for SEO companies to clean up their tactics and make sure they are doing all they can to provide optimal user experience.