The Evolution of Link-Building

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Over the past ten years link building has changed dramatically. Although link building always has and probably always will be a vital aspect of SEO, the tactics used ten years ago differ greatly from the tactics utilized today.


Let’s take a look at how link-building has evolved over the past few years:

First, having bad links is no longer helpful to your search engine optimization. In fact, as most digital marketers know it can and will severely hurt your website’s ranking in Google. Having bad links will now get you penalized if noticed by Google. You used to be able to get away with having spammy links, but not anymore! Speaking of penalties, Google penalties have definitely gotten harsher in the past few years. Google’s goal has always been to provide users with the most relevant information as fast as possible. Now, Google has resorted to more severe punishments to violators in an effort to discourage any spammy tactics. If Google catches you trying any sketchy SEO practices, you’ll definitely penalized and removed from the search rankings.

Having good content on your site is also more important now than it has ever been. However, that also means that the quality of content being published has risen as well, making it increasingly difficult for digital marketers to get guest posting opportunities. However, utilizing private blog networks can be a great way to make people more aware of the high quality content you are posting. In the past, one of the best types of high quality content you could post was a press release. Unfortunately, over the years this has changed and good content no longer includes press releases. Ten years ago, having a newsworthy topic was all you needed to gain attention from your press release. Now, because so many SEOs have overused this strategy to attract people to their sites, press releases will basically do nothing for your site’s digital marketing.

As mentioned above, guest posting is an extremely valuable aspect of SEO. Getting your high quality content published on another website is one of the best link-building strategies. Not only does it make more people aware of what your site has to offer but it also helps greatly improve Google rankings. Guest posting opportunities can be some of the most beneficial link building practices you can utilize.

As you can see, link building strategies have changed tremendously over the past ten years. And it is vital for digital marketers to keep up with the ever-changing world of SEO in order to best service their clients.