How to Improve Your Site Search Results Page

By April 25, 2016 SEO, SEO Strategies No Comments

An increasing amount of users are now using site search to find what they are looking to buy. This means that it is now more important than ever to have an efficient site search on your website.


Our SEO company in Indianapolis has compiled a list of ways you can improve your site search and maximize profits.

  1. Reviews are a must.

It is extremely important that you show the reviews under each product in the search results page. Including reviews in your search results page will help customers make informed decisions about the products they are looking to purchase and, if your reviews are favorable, should prompt them to but the product they are considering.

  1. Allow Customers to Choose How to View the Results.

Let the customer pick how they view the search results. This means allowing them to pick how many results they see per page and in what order. Some customers will want to view the newest products first, others might want to see the cheapest options first. Let them have the power to decide how to the search results are sorted.

  1. Have a Filtering Option.

Large quantities of search results can be overwhelming to a customer. Having a filtering option is one of the most important aspects of searching you can include on your website. Allow customers to be able to filter out products they know they don’t want. Filtering can include size, color, price range, etc.

  1. Have Big Product Images.

Having large product images gives the customer a better picture of the products he or she is considering. This will help them as they make their selection. Having pictures that are too small almost always leads to frustration.

  1. Utilize Your Search Data.

Examining the search data from your customers can be highly beneficial. You can look to see what they’ve clicked on, how many pages they went through and what they decided to buy. You can use the information you gather to find out what products customers love the most and which ones aren’t so popular. Many companies use search data to provide recommended products to customers.

We hope the information provided above helps you as you improve your search results pages! Having informative and well-designed search results pages will help customers find what they are looking for more quickly and will ultimately lead to greater profits for your company.