The Progression of SEO

By April 24, 2016 Uncategorized No Comments

Over the years Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed substantially and SEO today looks nothing like it did 10 years ago. This fact has left many to wonder how digital marketing will continue to evolve and what it might look like in the future. But first, let’s take a look at what SEO looks like now and whether or not it will keep trending in the same direction.


Probably one of the biggest changes that’s taken place these past few years is the shift from desktops to mobile phones or tablets. Many people are now opting to use their mobile devices to surf the internet instead of getting on a desktop computer. Obviously, this change has had a huge impact on SEO and the strategies used by digital marketers. With the majority of searches now taking place on mobile devices, webmasters have to be certain that their webpages are not only mobile-friendly but that they load quickly and are easy to navigate. People want their information fast, and if your website takes more than just a few seconds to load you’ll start loosing site traffic. Additionally, if your pages are too complicated or difficult to navigate on a mobile device, users will become frustrated. It is safe to assume that the shift from desktop computers to mobile devices will continue with more and more people utilizing mobile devices to get online. SEOs should keep up with this trend by maintaining mobile friendly sites.

Another big advancement that has transformed the world of SEO is social media. Before the days of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram people mostly communicated online through email and instant messaging, both of which were nearly impossible for SEO’s to use to their advantage. However, thanks to the growing popularity of various social media sites, digital marketers now have many more outlets to utilize. If you are a webmaster and you’re not taking advantage of social media websites it’s time to start doing so right away. We can expect social media websites to continue to gain popularity, making them a great tool to use to get people more aware of the products and services you have to offer.

The last major shift we’ve noticed in SEO tactics involves links and how digital marketers use them on their websites. Gone are the days when the quantity of links was all that mattered; now quality far outweighs quantity. The quality of the sites your website is linked to is far more important than the amount of links you have. In fact, having too many links that appear unnatural can actually be a huge hindrance to your site. Again, we predict this trend will progress as Google continues to crack down on spammy links and sketchy SEO practices.