How to Outrank Your Competitors in Google

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Want to draw website traffic away from your competitors and redirect it towards your site?

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Use the 5 simple steps listed below to boost your rankings:

  1. Take your opponents’ high-quality links.

Utilize a tool like ahrefs to see the companies that are linking to your competitors then contact said companies about linking to your site instead. Explain that your content is of a higher quality and therefore would be more beneficial for them to be linked to. It’s no secret that having high-quality links is crucial for website traffic and search rankings. So, taking those links from your competitors will not only push them down on ranking order but will also help you get ahead.

  1. Pay for your Advertisements.

Reaching a large amount of potential clients organically is becoming increasingly difficult, especially on social media sites such as Facebook. Paying a small fee to get your Advertisements noticed by your target audience is an easy way to boost website traffic and ultimately increase profits.

  1. Boost your Domain Authority

Try utilizing a tool such as the Moz Toolbar to get your Domain Authority score and the scores of your competitors. Having a high Domain Authority score will help increase your website traffic. Using solid digital marketing tools such as private blog networks will help boost your Domain Authority score and make more people aware of your website.

  1. Make Higher Quality Content that Targets Their Keywords.

Use SEMRush to find out what keywords your competitors’ are targeting. Once you know the keywords they use, it’s time to start making better content that contains their target keywords. This will slowly start taking traffic from their site and redirecting it to yours. But remember, high quality content is key, without it this strategy will be ineffective.

  1. Content, Content, Content!

As previously stated in a few of the steps listed above, having solid content is one of the most important aspects of exceptional SEO practices. If you want to get ahead of the competition then you need to start putting up interesting and informative content that will draw users in. And, while have a lot of content is helpful, it is important to focus on the overall quality of the content you are putting up. Having boring or unreliable content will only hurt your site and its rankings.