7 Link-Building Outreach Mistakes to Avoid

By April 12, 2016 SEO, SEO Strategies No Comments

One of the key steps in link-building is reaching out to various webmasters who might be interested in your services. However, many people rush through this task and do not take the time to do it correctly, making many mistakes along the way. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the most offensive and unfortunately common mistakes people make when reaching out to other webmasters.


First, it is important to remember to avoid trying to push content to someone who already has it. For example, if you have an article on the trendiest restaurants in the Indianapolis area, and you try to reach out to someone who already has an article very similar to the one you are offering, it is probably not going to be very well received. It is important that you do your research beforehand to make sure that the people you are contacting do not already have your content or articles similar to the content you are proposing.

Also, always make sure that if you are including a webmaster’s name in the email, that you get their name right! It is highly unprofessional to send an email to someone and misspell their name or worse use the wrong name entirely. Always double check your spelling and if you aren’t sure if you have the right name, use a generic title such as “webmaster”; it might not be as personal as using someone’s name but at least you reduce the risk of offending those you are emailing.

People also make the mistake of sending out emails that are too wordy or vague. Try to avoid going into too much detail that isn’t important or conversely not providing enough information to those who you are reaching out to, leaving them confused as to why you contacted them to begin with.

Lastly, avoid annoying people with too many emails! There’s nothing wrong with a follow up email, but contacting the same people over and over again trying to get them to try your services is just rude. All you are doing is wasting your time and theirs by continuing to email them. Understand that not everyone will be interested in what you are offering and avoid bugging people with your never-ending emails.

I hope the tips provided above will help you as you continue your link-building outreach!