AMP Pages and How They Affect SEO

Google AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages will now help users find the information they are looking for even faster, thanks to a new design that highlights stories on AMP-enabled websites. AMP websites load four times faster than normal sites and load almost instantly, making them extremely user-friendly. Now when you search for news articles, Google has a carousel pop up that appears at the top of the search results that provides you with the latest articles found on AMP- enabled websites. This means, users everywhere will be able to get the latest news faster than ever!


So, what does this mean for search engine optimization? For starters, Google has noted that about 40% of users will leave a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. But with AMP enabled on your site, you are guaranteed never to have this problem as articles typically load within a half of a second. And while AMP is not yet a ranking factor for Google, it does have a large affect on website traffic and overall user experience. The AMP carousel appears at the very top of the search results page before any of the organic listings, which means that if your site is not AMP enabled and your competitors’ are, you’ll notice a decrease in website traffic fairly quickly.

So we now know how AMP will affect organic search listings, what about paid search results and local search results? Paid search listings should expect to see an improvement in Ad quality and an increase in search competition. Google has stated that Ads will be more attractive and have faster loading times thanks to AMP. Local search results will also be affected by AMP, with the most relevant content appearing in the carousel on top of the search results page.

While there is still plenty to learn about Accelerated Mobile Pages it is safe to assume that websites that aren’t AMP enabled will see a substantial drop in their search rankings. Thankfully, Google has released a tutorial on how to create a Google AMP Page so that webmasters can begin enabling their sites as soon as possible. Speeding up your webpages’ loading time with the help of AMP will ensure continued high search rankings!