Google Announces Top 3 Search Ranking Factors

The majority of the time SEO experts are left guessing as to what factors are used the most in Google’s ranking algorithm. However, thanks to a Q&A session with Andrey Lipattsev, one of Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategists, we now know the top 3 search ranking factors. These factors are RankBrain, Links, and Content. This probably isn’t shocking news for most digital marketers but it is helpful to get reassurance that the backlinks and content you’ve created for your site are being recognized and taken into consideration when ranking your webpage in Google.

Links and content have always been two of the most important aspects of good search engine optimization practices and the Q&A session mentioned above simply reaffirms that knowledge. RankBrain, however, is a new development that is still being researched by many SEOs. Because little is known about this new ranking feature, we are left to guess as to how it will affect SEO in general. What we do know is that RankBrain is a machine learning algorithm that helps better rank webpages in Google. Its purpose is to get the most relevant pages to the top of the search results, helping Google users find the information they are looking for faster. This means that competition for the top Google spots is going to get increasingly difficult as RankBrain weeds out any less than satisfactory webpages.


That being said, even though we now know the top three search ranking factors for Google, not much should change for SEOs. It is still important for digital marketers to focus on getting good backlinks by utilizing tools such as private blog networks as well as creating lots of informative and interesting content for their sites. However, it is now more important than ever that webmasters are ensuring a positive user experience for anyone who visits their website. This means that all SEOs need to make sure their sites are easy to navigate, and are filled with useful information that will lead to overall user satisfaction. Having a high user rating will boost your page’s relevancy and should benefit you as RankBrain assesses your site and helps decide where it should rank on Google.