The Four Most Important SEO Strategies

By March 28, 2016 SEO, SEO Strategies No Comments

Many of you have probably heard of the new ranking algorithm called RankBrain which grades webpages on a scale of 1-10. However, that is probably the extent of what you know about it as little information has been provided concerning this new ranking system; leaving many webmasters and SEOs wondering as to how this new algorithm will affect their search rankings.


Our SEO experts in Indianapolis have come together and compiled a list of the four most important search engine optimization strategies to utilize as you prepare for the release of the RankBrain to help ensure your webpages keep their rankings and aren’t negatively affected by this new update.

  1. First, RankBrain will be looking for relevant webpages, and will be scoring a site’s relevance heavily based on its amount of organic CTR’s. Your goal should be to get more CTR’s then the expected amount of CTR’s for your ad spot. Do that, and your webpage should be able to maintain its ranking without any issues.
  1. Gone are the days when a basic title filled with keywords were enough to help your site rank well in Google. Now, not only does your webpage need a title with relevant keywords, but it also needs to be interesting enough to catch user attention and increase your click through rate. The best way to do this is by arousing certain emotions through the words you choose, causing more and more people to click on your ad out of curiosity.
  1. You need to focus your efforts on high task completion rates. That’s right, Google knows whether or not users are satisfied with the content your webpage is providing, and they can tell how high your conversion rate is. Therefore, it is vital that your SEO is focusing on achieving high task completion rates to make sure your webpage continues to thrive in the search rankings.
  1. Utilize social media ads to help boost your CTR’s and conversion rates. It’s proven that social media ads can do wonders for websites as they help increase familiarity among target audiences and ultimately lead to more website traffic. Therefore, if you aren’t already advertising on sites such as Twitter or Facebook start doing so as soon as possible! Increasing awareness on your brand will make users 2x more likely to click on your site when it pops up in the search results.

We hope the suggestions listed above will help get you started as you prepare for the release of the new algorithm RankBrain!