Local SEO and the Benefits of Offline Marketing

By March 25, 2016 Local SEO, Marketing No Comments

Marketing continues to get more and more troublesome as the competition for a wide variety of fields gets increasingly difficult. Nowadays, local businesses need a solid digital marketing plan as well as physical marketing strategies in order to keep up with their competitors.

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The best marketing tool you have for both the digital world and physical one is your reputation. Having a good reputation in your area and field of work will help increase your client base through word of mouth. Referrals from satisfied customers are the easiest and least expensive way to advertise your business. Having a reputable business will also lead to positive reviews left by clients who were pleased with the work you provided. For example, if you own a bed and breakfast in Indianapolis and have the best reviews on TripAdvisor for bed and breakfasts in your area, then more people are going to be interested in staying with you. Having a large amount of good reviews on sites such as Google+, Facebook and Yelp will help your local business thrive and ultimately increase profits.


Of course, referrals and a good business reputation can only occur after you have a solid customer base. To attract more customers to your local business you need them to be familiar with your brand. This means, having multiple ads both online and in your local area that will make your brand recognizable and will help people remember your company whenever they are in search of the products or services you offer. Utilizing social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is a great way to advertise your business to a specific audience as you can pick the location, age range, interests, etc. of the people you advertise to. Handing out business cards and flyers in your area will also help people become more aware of your brand and will attract more people to your storefront.

While digital marketing and physical marketing are both individually beneficial, practicing each type of marketing in conjunction with the other is the best way to familiarize people with your brand and attract more customers to your local business.