Google Local Business Cards and Their Effect on Your Business

Google recently released a new feature called Google Local Business Cards. Basically, this feature allows local businesses to post content directly to the search results page in Google. When your business pops up on Google search pages your Google Local Business Cards will show up right under your website link, drawing the attention of potential customers. This is especially beneficial in the case of local business category queries, when a customer is searching for a general category but has not yet decided which business to purchase from.



For example, if a potential customer is looking for a photo booth rental service in the Indianapolis area, and they search for “photo booth rental Indianapolis”, a number of local businesses will pop up. However, the business with the content posted under their website link will draw the attention of clients away from other sites and toward the business that is utilizing Google Local Business Cards.


A side note: the content found under the site link is almost always content submitted by the business itself, and is most often drawn from social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. This fact further emphasizes the importance of local businesses posting interesting and informative content on both their website and various other outlets. Additionally, if you area not already taking advantage of social media sites such as Facebook or SEO tools such as private blog networks, I highly recommend you start doing so as soon as possible.


So what does this new addition of Google Local Business Cards mean for local business SEO? Fortunately, as long as you or your digital marketing agency know how to create interesting content for you site, this feature should greatly boost website traffic. However, non-local business sites such as e-commerce sites and service area businesses will likely suffer as attention is drawn away from their links.

It is important to note that Google Local Business Cards are experimental and could be temporary but local businesses should still take full advantage of this new feature while they can.