2016 SEO Predictions

By March 10, 2016 SEO No Comments

While 2015 was a fairly uneventful year for search engine optimization, speculations have been made that 2016 will be quite lively in regards to digital marketing. Our offices in Indianapolis have gathered predictions made by some of the top SEO experts and complied them in a list below. Hopefully the information we’ve gathered will help you as you prepare for this year and plan your SEO strategies. Only time will tell if the digital marketing geniuses were right!


First, as content-driven SEO becomes increasingly popular it is likely that the field will shift, making technical SEO work less desirable. Digital marketing companies will have to make the appropriate adjustments in order to keep up with the search engine optimization changes. It is reasonable to assume that SEO companies will have to focus their strategies towards content-driven search engine optimization and begin utilizing outlets such as private blog networks if they don’t already do so.

Next, we believe that brands will begin to shift their focus off of Google search boxes and onto other search websites. Other web portals will become more popular as companies try to climb rankings on sites such as WebMD or Walmart, depending on their product and target audience.

Additionally, it can be assumed that social media sites such as Facebook will continue to adjust their algorithm to focus more on internal search, once again requiring digital marketers to update their tactics to ensure high rankings. Gone are the days where searches lead only to external content!

Regardless of the changes that may or may not take place in the world of SEO for 2016, it is important for SEO experts to stay updated on the latest developments taking place. Websites such as Google are constantly revising their algorithms and the way they rank webpages and it is vital for digital marketers to be aware of these shifts before or as soon as they take place. Ensure success for your clients and their websites by staying in the loop and consistently checking site such as Moz to keep yourself ahead of the ever changing world of SEO.