Where to Search for the Winning Powerball Numbers

Last Saturday night the biggest lottery drawing in US history took place, and as a result millions of Americans went to Google to search for the winning lottery numbers before and after the drawing took place.


However, hours after the drawing took place, when users searched for the term “powerball” the winning numbers were nowhere to be found.

News headlines containing the winning numbers popped up at the top, but the news reports were cut off before the numbers were listed on the Google search page.


Bing also showed similar search results, with the winning numbers missing from the top of the page. Again, they had a news story that did contain the numbers if you clicked to read it, but on Bing’s search page the article cut off before the numbers were listed.


Surprisingly, the two search engines that are showing the winning powerball numbers are Yahoo and Ask.com. Yahoo had the best results, displaying the winning numbers at the top of the page as well as the current estimated jackpot.


Ask.com also had the numbers listed at the top of their search results along with some other winning lottery numbers.


However, the best place to find the winning powerball numbers Saturday night seemed to be social media. Both Facebook and Twitter had direct links to the winning numbers when searching for “powerball”. Now, of course, it would be more difficult to find the numbers on either of these social media outlets but when the search for “powerball” skyrocketed Saturday night these websites were the best at promoting the numbers.


So what does that mean for search engine optimization? Not much honestly. But it is important for SEO workers to be aware of the varying results from each search engine and social media outlet. Digital marketers should use this little bit of news as a reminder not to focus all of their attention on Google alone. Other search engines can be valuable in promoting your site and, as most people already know, so can social media. A good SEO company should be promoting their website on all possible outlets in order to receive the most favorable results.