How to Have a Successful 2016 in SEO

By January 7, 2016 SEO No Comments

It is always shocking to me the number of business that fail to create a digital marketing plan for their company’s website. About 50% of business that used digital marketing this past year had no plan or goals for their site’s digital marketing programs. By failing to create a solid digital marketing plan, countless companies are missing out on potential business opportunities. We want to help you make 2016 your most successful year yet, and the best way we can do that is by providing you with important guidelines you can refer to as you make your digital marketing plan.


First, you need to make a plan for the year so that your team knows what the goals are for 2016 as well as what is expected of them.  When making your plan you need to determine your ideal customer as well as examine the marketplace and how your site compares to its competitors. Next, you need to figure out how to best reach the customers you are advertising your product or service to. The simplest way to do this is by creating a lot of valuable and informative content backed by reputable sources and then posting said content to various media outlets and private blog networks.

Once you have completed the two steps above, your next goal should be to find ways to get users to interact with your website as much as possible. It is no secret that they majority of potential customers that visit your site will most likely look at your webpage without actively getting involved. Your job is to find a way to persuade them into interacting with your site, even if it is something basic such as signing up for a newsletter. Having specific strategies and a solid plan is very crucial in this step of digital marketing. This should lead to a high conversion rate, turning users into customers.

Finally, once you have accomplished your goal of getting potential clients to engage in your site and hopefully turn into customers, you must then direct your attention to retaining these customers.  It is vital that your customers are satisfied with your company so that they turn into repeat customers!

Using the suggestions listed above should help you get started as you create a plan for your digital marketing. I wish all of you a happy and successful 2016!