Most Popular Keyword Research Tools of 2015: A Beginner’s Guide

The majority of site owners are currently using keyword research tools to help boost their search engine optimization. But it can be difficult for aspiring webmasters and SEO beginners to know which keyword research tool is the best for identifying the most profitable keywords. A survey released by a popular SEO website will give SEO novices an inside look at the most popular and presumably the most successful keyword research tools of 2015.


Here is the complete list of the top keyword research tools of 2015:

  1. AdWords Keyword Planner (84%)
  2. SEMRush (54%)
  3. Ubersuggest (39%)
  4. io (36%)
  5. Moz Keyword Difficulty (33%)
  6. SimilarWeb (18%)
  7. Other (17%)
  8. Spyfu (16%)
  9. Bing Keyword Research Tool (12%)
  10. KWFinder (6%)
  11. Wordstream Keyword Generator (6%)
  12. Wordtracker (5%)
  13. Jumpshot (1%)

Of these results, 63% said that they pay for their keyword research tools. So what does that tell newbies? That you get what you pay for. If you are at all serious about your site’s digital marketing, then you need to be using a solid keyword research tool to help you sort out valuable keywords. Judging by the survey results listed above, it seems that most SEO experts would agree that the more well-known keyword research tools such as AdWords and SEMRush still yield the best results for websites.

Once you have utilized one of the tools listed above to help you prioritize keywords for your site, you must begin plugging them into your content in order to climb Google rankings. There are many strategies you can use to add content to your site as you try to work in profitable keywords. These strategies include using private blog networks and social media sites to promote your content and create a positive online reputation.

I hope the information provided above will help you as you try to navigate the every changing world of search engine optimization! Finding the right tools to help you can seem daunting at times, but with enough hard work and diligence you’ll begin to see the results you want for your website!