2016 Search Engine Optimization Forecast

By December 31, 2015 SEO No Comments

Orange-CoWorking.jpg-e1450834818359As the New Year quickly approaches, there has been a lot of speculation concerning the potential SEO changes that might take place in 2016. A local SEO company based out of Indianapolis released a short list of some of the changes they believe will occur in the new year which we’ve included in this article. But before we can discuss these possible changes, we must first reflect on what happened in the world of SEO in 2015.

Here are some highlights of the changes that occurred this year in Search Engine Optimization:

  1. Rankbrain: Added October 2015, this technology was incorporated into Google’s ranking and indexing methods to help them provide users with better search results.
  1. Panda 4.2: This was slowly rolled out during the summer, and to be honest we’re still not exactly sure what changes were made through this update as the impact seemed minimal. However, we do know that this update was important and did alter Google’s algorithm.
  1. Snack Pack Update: This is the nickname given to the change Google made to its Local Pack in August. Basically, this change decreased the local search results that appear at the top of the Google from seven to three. As you can imagine, this update was a major roadblock for many businesses that appeared in the top seven results but not the top three.

SEO in 2016

Now let’s look ahead to 2016 and examine some of the predictions that have been surfacing:

  1. Greater focus on Social Media: Most SEO experts will agree that the necessity of a positive online reputation backed by a strong social media presence continues to increase significantly every year and this year is no exception. Companies need to be involved in an array of social networks to help build a positive image for their brand and gain customer trust.
  1. Increased Respect for Google’s Rules: This is an easy one to predict but is still important to take note of. It is likely that Google will continue to enforce its strict guidelines by severely penalizing those who do not follow the rules they’ve set in place concerning SEO tactics. They will continue to discourage webmasters from using any spammy tactics in an effort to climb the Google rankings.
  1. Video Worth: Videos will play an even greater role in helping your site get to the top of Google. It’s no secret that video is already hugely important, but many experts believe that its impact will increase substantially in the new year.

We hope this information will help you as your plan out your SEO strategies and goals for 2016!