The Future of App Indexing and Google

Just a few weeks ago, Google announced its plan to implement app only indexing, which will result in users being able to stream app only content through their search engine, even if the app is not installed on their phone. This means that helpful information from an app can be accessed by users via the internet. For example, if a user searches for “restaurants near Indianapolis”, results from related apps will show up in their Google search engine results.

This changes quite a bit for app owners, as now more than ever good content is crucial for a successful phone app.  We’d recommend making the appropriate changes quickly before this new plan is rolled out. One aspect of SEO that app owners need to focus on is long tail keywords. App owners need to look for important keywords that will direct more traffic to their phone app, just like they would a desktop webpage. This will help them get their app streamed more often on the Google search results.

App Indexing and Google

App owners also need to focus more of their attention on app indexing API, now that they no longer need to be concerned about matching web content and app content, app indexing API can be used to direct more website traffic to their mobile app. Google will also take note that you have completed the app indexing API and will factor that into how well your app does on Google.  You can track how you are doing in comparison to your competitor’s apps by utilizing tools such as SimilarWeb’s app engagement function. This will help you evaluate your own traffic and see how you measure up to other apps.

App Indexing and Google

It is important to note, however, that this app-only content indexing is still being tested and may not be officially rolled out for a while. That being said, app owners who are diligent to prepare for this update now will have a huge advantage over their competitors once the app indexing is rolled out. I would recommend starting these SEO changes as soon as possible so that you are fully prepared for this change when it takes place.